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  1. 1) 99% 2) Long way down (or Hello time bomb live with crowd chant) 3) Police cars 4) Future X 5) Man of Action 6) VNA 7) Giant 8) Empty theme park (since i've seen it live yesterday, i CAN'T vote against it) - Blue skies is great, but there not enough lyric 9) Rat (obviously)
  2. Sim

    Born Losers

    Please could anyone send me the song... I missed it the day it was streamed
  3. Sorry i didn't saw it... don't panic, i usually read the whole thread... i just apear to have missed that post... everything is under control
  4. Since it's no longer available on Matt site, does anyone have the mp3 of it... i've only listened to it like twice and it's no longer available on streaming. That time i saved she's in for the money lol ;)
  5. Intros: Man of action, Blue Skies over Bad land (i like the slow start developping the song), Gen X-Wing Outros: Truffle Pigs, Sort of a Protest Song (of course!) and what about House of smoke and Mirror As someone pointed out, the best Intros/Outros album would be Avalanche, Pledge of Alliance is catchy and rythmic and House of smoke and Mirror close the album so well with awesome vocals. The closing lyric of Avalanche are awesome as well... it's my fav closing lyrics... leading over those of PTD that give me chill every time i hear it (too bad Matt cut the final lyrics on PTD Accoustic)
  6. Sim


    Avalanche (My best album ever) Beautiful Midnight Audio of Being Underdogs Last of the Ghetto Astronaut White Light Rock & Roll Review Loser Anthems Raygun Lo-Fi B-Sides In a coma is a compilation, so it doesn't really count... but the accoustic cd (rooms) of in a coma would stand between Avalanche and Beautiful Midnight
  7. Sim


    Currently cutting my bootleg... should be available tonight... "The boy come home" sound awesome
  8. I dreamed two night in a row that i did goes to the show forgetting my recording stuff... i guess that's a god warning not to forget my mics lol...
  9. Or right in front of the sound board to get the best sound ever for your bootleg (room's sweet spot) ;)
  10. Hopefully, i hope the crowd will be fine in montreal (if there is any montreal show)... it's usually quite nice, apart from guys yelling for rico between songs
  11. No more infos on latest show? Anyone been to thunderbay?
  12. "Tic tic tic tic tic... I found me a reason" Was enough?
  13. Sim

    What Happend?

    Original Matt Blog Quote: "Were I to admit to one great mistake with regards to this blog, or subsequent versions of it, it would be that I have allowed myself to be far too accessible. Over the last month that is something that I, and those closest to me, have addressed by removing a vast majority of content from the web altogether. There are those that claim that people in my position should expect incivilities if, and when, we dare to allow others a glimpse at ourselves. I have always found that assertion to be not merely ridiculous, but indicative of an immaturity bizarrely regarded as precious by a great many people. Civility is not something that is abandoned by those that would claim themselves intelligent or decent once they step away from a computer. Being online is, as far as I am concerned, no excuse. We live in an accelerated, voyeuristic age. That being the case, this blog will now serve one purpose, which is to allow me a place to comment on current events and share articles that I have found interesting or poignant. I may, on occasion, write about music, but I don
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