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  1. I'll check out at least two of these, Saskatoon and Edmonton I think.
  2. Very good, just like everything from Matt.
  3. Wow, that's a hard to pick. There are so many great ones. Right now I think "lackluster lives of buying shit" stands out.
  4. I really don't think Matt is all that interested in gaining momentum in the US.
  5. Here it is: 1. Generation X-Wing 2. Tripoli 3. Advertising on Police Cars 4. Truffle Pigs 5. Fated 6. Near Fantastica 7. She
  6. Sick of it? I never really get sick of any of Matt's stuff. Even if I hear all of the songs before the CD is released, I will definitely buy the CD and never get sick of it.
  7. I love it! I hope he does more like this.
  8. Highest was about $35.00 in Saskatoon. Lowest was $0 in Edmonton. I did not even have to pay the gate admission. And I met him as well. He is such a polite and positive person to meet.
  9. From an interview done a few years ago: When asked about people not 'getting' his sense of humor, Matt replied, "The vast majority of people don't 'get' a great many things". A simple statement that says much. I always thought the same thing, I just can not express it as well as Matt can.
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