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  1. does anyone care that Dennis Ritchie died?
  2. isnt there like two other threads like this? for example "as a question for the person below you" or something like that? ok.. now i have to ask a question..... hmmm. can you find thread similar to this one on the bored?
  3. but the riot did give us this
  4. i gotta say, it is kinda sad that people can not offer up $10 to charity. Only three have so far? that is kinda sad to the rest of you. but I will tip my hat to toadman and moonlight. with that said, where is our booty pictures? it is humpday as you know.
  5. well the cold weather will be great for the guys, and guys taking picture, you should try to get it pushed up to this weekend.
  6. it is Wednesday and no new pic's? wft?
  7. I threw on $20, so we are up to three now
  8. i have put my money behind you once, now lets see that behind!
  9. oh no, we have a conservative majority, all hell is going to break loose! will someone please think of the children! in the end, the only people that fucked over in this election are the liberals. Am I happy that the Harper has a majority, no. Am I going to bitch about, no. If you dont like the results, move then. Go to the states, go to Europe, go to the middle east and try to have an election there. Dont start bitching cause Harper has the control he wants. If Harper really is bad, we can vote him out next election, he is not king for life. And the way we have been having election lately, just remember the Maple Leafs fans say, "well, maybe next year".
  10. the one thing i enjoy about living in an apartment building is it took me 2 minutes to vote because election canada had set up a poll in my building.
  11. i read it a few times, just found it dumb, sodamntired kinda dumb.
  12. it will end up a conservative minority again. very few seats will change parties, but I can see the conservatives winning again.
  13. i think people are going to get dress up for it too
  14. my prediction is, i am not going to watch it.
  15. it was some admiral in the US navy
  16. some girl on cbs had a stroke on air, it is kinda sad.
  17. get a droid, droids are cool. But for the most part, the nhl app to check scores, and few food ones like "swirl" for finding out about new wines.
  18. Breach, got it off steam, kinda fun, kinda like bad company but you can drive anything
  19. in keeping with the sprite, you should have made a new thread for that last post.
  20. yeah, pretty much, just do it 2000 more times. Also i think Sodamn has created more threads then I have posts.
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