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  1. 1. Truffle Pigs 2. Advertising on Police Cars 3. Sort of a Protest Song 4. Under the Influence 5. The Rat Who Would Be King 6. The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production 7. Man of Action 8. Tripoli 9. The Fall of Man 10. Carmelina 11. Anti-Pop 12. I, the Throw Away The last time I listened to this album I went back and listened to Truffle Pigs a few more times. Why it took so long to move to the top of my list for this album I have no idea
  2. 1. Suburbia 2. Failing the Rorshach Test 3. Let's Get it On 4. Giant 5. Strange Days 6. Born to Kill 7. I Miss New Wave 8. Running for Home 9. Load Me Up 10. A Boy and His Machine Gun 11. Jenni's Song 12. Hello Time Bomb 13. Going all the Way 14. The Future is X-Rated
  3. 1. While We Were Hunting Rabbits 2. Weapon 3. Avalanche 4. Pledge of Allegiance 5. Bright End of Nowhere 6. Near Fantastica 7. A Long Way Down 8. House of Smoke and Mirrors 9. 21st Century Living 10. In a World Called Castastrophe 11. Double Life 12. Lullaby for the New World Order 13. Song for the Girl
  4. I'd do it again, it was actually a lot of fun. Need at least as many voters as last time though (preferably more) or it's kinda lame. I'd like to see how LOES holds up against the rest of the catalog.
  5. At first I wasn't overly impressed with this album, but the more I listen to it the more I love it. Easily one of my favourites, band or solo. My favs are Shallow's Low, Set Me On Fire, and of course, Non Populus. I'm a little surpirsed by the lack of love for Vancouver on some of the rankings on here though, I would rank it above Hospital Music. Avalanche > LOES > Vancouver > Hospital Music > WLR&RR
  6. 2/10 - It gets a few bonus points for being slightly crazier than all the other crappy soap operas my mom watches. Alias
  7. I was also annoyed that the Canadian public has seemingly ignored the latest Conservative scandals. The latest Harris-Decima poll that was released indicates that the Conservatives have gained in the polls over the first few days of the election campaign. Apparently scandal and corruption within government has been given the green light by voters as we now respond with indifference towards such acts. It will be even more pathetic if Canadians are stupid enough to not see through Harper's proposed tax break for families that doesn't take effect until 5 years from now, all while giving corporations a tax break now while running up a 40 billion dollar deficit.
  8. And the champion is.... (drum roll please) While We Were Hunting Rabbits! Final Round Results 1) Avalanche vs. 2) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 11-14 3) Suburbia vs. 4) Sort of a Protest Song 10-15 Our Final Standings - Top 20 1) While We Were Hunting Rabbits 2) Avalanche 3) Sort of a Protest Song 4) Suburbia 5) Weapon 6) The Rat Who Would Be King 7) Advertising on Police Cars 8) Prime Time Deliverance 9) Man of Action 10) Near Fantastica 11) Empty's Theme Park 12) Born to Kill 13) Apparitions 14) Tripoli 15) The Fine Art of Falling Apart 16) Change of Season 17) Single Explosion 18) Failing the Rorschach Test 19) 99% of Us is Failure 20) Born Losers 2004 winner: Weapon 2005 winner: Avalanche 2009 winner: While We Were Hunting Rabbits Only two changes to the top 10 from last time, The Rat Who Would Be King and Man of Action were both outside of the top 19 last time and Tripoli and Apparitions fell further down into the bottom half of the top 20. The bottom half of the top 20 came out differently this time though, with songs that didn't exist last time (Empty's Theme Park, Single Explosion, 99% of Us is Failure, Born Losers) and a few others (Change of Season, Fine Art, Failing the Rorschach Test) making the list in place of Fated (10), Strange Days (11), Running for Home (13), The Workers Sing a Song of Mass Production (15), Everything is Automatic (16), Blue Skies Over Bad Lands (17), Symbolistic White Walls (18), and She's Got a New Disguise (19) Thank you to everyone who participated in the process, I look forward to doing this again sometime, perhaps a little while after the next Matt Good album.
  9. Voting ends in a few dates! Make your opinion count and vote!
  10. I work at a grocery store and it sucks. I used to work at McDonald's and I wish I still did. It was way better despite all the negative things that most would attribute to working at McDonald's. Besides that I study Political Science, History, and Geography at UNBC. (5 years in and still no end in sight)
  11. No work today, just school. First class was more boring than expected. Who is your favourite philosopher?
  12. not really a fan of Sam Roberts but that one is alright. Yellow - Coldplay
  13. Hmmmm... who do you trust more, a massive panel of scientists who have devoted their lives to researching climate or Glenn Beck and the oil companies? Swine flu was obviously a joke from the very beginning, it's almost like we want the next massive flu pandemic to strike so we can justify our concerns that one is coming.
  14. Round 7 Results! 1) Avalanche vs. 4) Sort of a Protest Song 12-10 2) While We Were Hunting Rabbits vs. 3) Suburbia 12-10 So we have the same final we had 4 years ago, but will the outcome be the same? BRONZE MEDAL MATCH! SORT OF A PROTEST SONG VS. SUBURBIA Sort of a Protest Song defeated: - Under the Influence 21-4 - 21st Century Living 21-3 - Last Parade 19-8 - Prime Time Deliverance 13-13 - Advertising on Police Cars 12-11 - finished 4th in vote-off with -3 points - LOST to Avalanche 12-10 Suburbia defeated: - Agoraphobe 17-2 - Jenni's Song 19-3 - On Nights Like Tonight 25-2 - Tripoli 18-7 - Man of Action 14-9 - finished 3rd in vote-off with -3 points - LOST to While We Were Hunting Rabbits 12-10 - MY VOTE - Suburbia GOLD MEDAL MATCH! AVALANCHE VS. WHILE WE WERE HUNTING RABBITS Avalanche defeated: - Avalanche (Massey Hall) 16-6 - Us Remains Impossible 19-2 - Strange Days 22-2 - Single Explosion 16-4 - Prime Time Deliverance 13-10 - finished 1st in vote-off with 10 points - Sort of a Protest Song 12-10 While We Were Hunting Rabbits defeated: - All Together 20-5 - Truffle Pigs 15-9 - Flashdance II 25-2 - Born to Kill 19-6 - Near Fantastica 13-10 - finished 2nd in vote-off with 2 points - Suburbia 12-10 - MY VOTE - WHILE WE WERE HUNTING RABBITS plays more to the mood I'm in today This is the final round so I'll leave it open for 2 weeks and then I'll post the final results. Happy Voting!
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