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  1. Really one of his best albums. Hospital Music, I think, remains as his best work. But this is a really close second. A great album.
  2. Via Dolorosa is one of his best songs in his career, I think. And a great reminder of how good his music truly is.
  3. I hope, that if you do return to the US, an Atlanta date is in there somewhere...
  4. Better overall, I think. I don't have to skip songs on HM like I do with Avalanche (Song For A Girl, Catastrophe, Double Life)
  5. My favorite album by Matt. Not a song I dislike on it. It's one of those rare albums where I don't feel like I have to skip a track. Devil's In Your Details, 99% of Us Is Failure, and Odette are my favorites.
  6. Yeah. He's still doing the Transplants with Tim Armstrong and Rob Aston.
  7. I'm curious to know what North American For Life sounds like.
  8. Man, I REALLY hope there are more dates for the US. More specifically, a Detroit date. heh.
  9. yeah and it would have been signed.. thats so disappointing. Well, I really don't care if it's signed or not. I pre-ordered WLRR and got it signed.
  10. I'm kinda bummed that I pre-ordered from Amazon.ca instead of his store. Cost me $35 American, damn. Would've been cheaper to get it through his store.
  11. I picked up Hatebreed's "Rise Of Brutality" last week. If you want a good kick in the ass, get that. Machinehead's "Through The Ashes Of The Empire" is one of the best metal records to be released in a really long time.
  12. I hate Indestructible. Mostly because of the lyrics. I think they're awful.
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