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  1. I had figured something was wrong when I hadn't heard from him in awhile. I had many great conversations with him on facebook and on the bored. Even when I got more and more busy with work and life, his daily adventures would pop up in my FB feed and I would take the time to talk with him. I had hoped when he'd gotten quiet on FB, it was because of the cute barrista at Starbucks or he'd met a girl on what we had begun to call his "Casual Walks". There were days when he was Sodamnedawesome, Sodamnedsilly and Sodamnedentertaining. Now he is in a better place, where his "Casual Walks" never have to end. Sodamnedtired is now Sodamnedatpeace and he will be Sodamnedmissed,
  2. If you still have it, I'm interested. How much do you want for it?
  3. For now, I'm willing to fire off the random mp3 here or there. If we come up with a credible option for sharing I would gladly participate.
  4. Shaking my head... Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Paula Deen.
  5. 2/10 After the first five minutes it's just not interesting anymore. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
  6. Honest Politicians and transparent government....what happen, but one can wish. Why is it so damned hot in Arizona?
  7. Moonlight!!! What's up man? How ya been?
  8. After getting extremely frustrated, I decided to take a look at some old HD's I'd pulled from a long retired desktop...AND I FOUND IT!!! Along with several other really great MG/MGB gems, that for some reason didn't make it to the current HD's and backups. Inbox me if you are looking for any hard to find awesomeness.
  9. I actually did search and couldn't find the particular one that i was asking about. I you'd be willing email them to me, I would appreciate it greatly.
  10. I used to have this incredibly clear and awesome version of this live. Matt is talking about Burger King, Exxon, etc...sponsoring specific parts of the war. Somehow I've managed to lose it., If anyone still has this, I would appreciate it greatly.
  11. I didn't like the song, so I don't recall. What if you could lift them up? What if you could make it so that times weren't tough?
  12. Crescent Ballroom, 2/19/12 Phoenix, AZ It was an incredible show, it was like the whole crowd was just hanging out with Matt. He interacted with us the whole time. His banter withh We had a great time and even though he didn't feel well, he still took the time to meet and greet with us afterwards. The setlist was great, but he only played "Darlin" from Lights. He really worked the hell out of the Loser Anthems though. Just an incredible performance. 1. Life Beyond the Minimum Safe Distance 2. Metal Airplanes 3. Born Losers 4. While We Were Hunting Rabbits 5. Avalanche 6. Fated 7. I'm a Window 8. Strange Days 9. The Fine Art of Falling Apart 10. It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man 11. Prime Time Deliverance 12. Alert Status Red 13. Apparitions Encore: 14. Generation X-Wing 15. Sort of a Protest Song 16. Darlin' 17. Suburbia
  13. As far as I'm concerned Matt, I owe you a great deal for the impact your music has had on my life. I had the honor and privilege of meeting you in Buffalo several years ago. I am saddened by the fact that so few here in the lower 48 have had the chance to experience your music. I was lucky enough to have MM in New England, back in the 90's which is how I was exposed to MGB. I have been a fan ever since. I'm a big boy, and I can afford a trip to Canada to see you perform, and if that's my only option at some point, then so be it. Considering what your music has given me, it would be worth it. It bothers me that there is room here for so many subpar performers to make an impact, and that a truly talented, non-prefab artist, feels that they may never have an impact in the US. I know that I am just one person, and compared to a music industry designed for the soul-less purpose of making rich execs richer, that may not mean much, but I want you to know that your music can and does make a difference. Thank you Matt for everything, and when you're on stage here in Arizona on Saturday night, I'll be the one yelling THANK YOU at the end of the show, and I'll be bringing three more people to introduce to your amazing gift, and yes sir if given the honor, I would gladly buy you a drink. It's the least I can do for someone who without even knowing it made a difference on one of my darkest days.
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