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  1. old saosin (anthony green era) and irreplaceable by beyonce. i don't know why, but i am.
  2. i got the phone call first thing in the morning so i told my mom and my sister and they gave me hugs. edit: i really thought this thread would be bigger. i really loved him as an author and i guess i always thought there were others who loved him that much. maybe just not here.
  3. i had to babysit a five year old at seven thirty in the morning and i wasn't wearing green so she told me i was going to get pinched. (she wouldn't pinch me, i'm her best friend. but someone else might) st pat's also happens to be one of my best friend's birthdays so it's a good thing she reminded me. we phoned him at eight in the morning and sang happy birthday. he was ELATED. when does winter fucking STOP!?
  4. i believe it was the janitor's cup. or so the janitor CLAIMS. (it was found in a school trash can) and apperently he is now seeking legal advice as well.
  5. i think in your case, your talent is actually natural, because i assume you naturally came about having a vagina. then again, having an orifice between your legs like the rest of your sex isn't necessarily a skill either. oh you poor thing! you think that all a girl has to do to be good at sex is spread 'em? granted you wouldn't complain if that were all, but oh the wonders that await you! i sincerely hope you find them.
  6. my natural skill is doin' it. i don't think anyone will argue that there was ever a time i was NOT good at doin' it from the very first time i did it. (he got off in 45 seconds! now am i skilled or WHAT?)
  7. dave navarro wears more make up than any of them. why is he on there?
  8. it is thier religious belief that any depiction of him, even in the most positive light, is wrong, and is perpetuating idol worship.
  9. Isn't it? If the worst thing that happens is people get pissed off to defend one of the core values of Western society, then I'd say it's been a pretty good day. Of course I don't agree with trying to offend Muslims, but remember what Voltaire said of free speech - "I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." The ability to say something without fear of repercussion transcends agreement. A. the core values of western society -including free speech, in this instance- are all based in self absorption. i don't know what kind of person would think that your right to print a stupid cartoon that is hurtful to an entire religion is worth the reprecussions of that action. everyone KNOWS that the middle east is a volatile community. while i understand and respect your argument that we've done bigger things to piss them off i don't understand how we as human beings can't be expected to treat other people with dignity and respect. B. while we may enjoy the benefits of free speech in our lovely cushy western cultures, some other countries disagree that people should be allowed to spout off whatever hurtful nonsence they wish. so lets have a little respect for that. C. i will never understand the argument that your civil right to say something outweighs another's human right to believe what they want. there would be no need for mention of free speech laws if people could fucking learn not to do stupid shit. how necessary is that cartoon to european newspapers? aside from the fact that it's become what it's become. when they first decided to print it, how important was it? not very. someone thought it was funny. muslims aren't like catholics, they take their religion very seriously. D. if we know what we know about the middle east why do we insist on throwing fuel on the fire?
  10. no. they're not admitting it occured. the people who make fun of jesus the most aren't saying they believe in him are they?
  11. i'm a sucker for minute rice, and of course some times i'll have a little basmati which is essentially the same it just takes for freaking ever to make. never tried damien. is it any good? how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? [in case you couldn't tell i was trying to be funny]
  12. freedom of speech is not intended to make hate okay. freedom of speech is not intended to make disrespect of another's culture/religion/belief okay. freedom of speech is meant to entitle us to our own opinions, true, but what about common fucking decency? i mean C'MON! of course the cartoon is not okay. of course the ensuing riots and violence are not okay. of course the anti american and anti semite cartoons are not okay. i don't dispute any of that. but media sources REprinting the cartoon in an effort to "defend" free speech are completely out of line. and they really aren't doing anything to protect free speech. they're capitalizing on sensationalism.
  13. hell's YEAH!!!! etta james or billie holiday?
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