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  1. ALL WITH FULL BAND! suburbia advertising on police cars strange days change of season invasion 1 vermillion failing the rorschach test i miss new wave man of action truffle pigs sort of a protest song flash dance 2 flight recorder from viking 7 besides that he's been good to me... I also understand you can't please everyone! what do you guys think of my wishlist?
  2. I heard EIA on muchmusic, and wasn't really a fan... then apparitions came out and it is still my favourite video of all time ( the tune is great too). I bought the album (for some reason it didn't come with lo-fi) and listened to the whole CD on my way home from my grandpa's cottage...fell in love with it. Never saw the whole band live though, still regret it to this day! ( ;)
  3. Alright, I have a few, including.... hopeless, buffalo seven, fall of man, prime time acoustic... what are yours?
  4. good luck, tons of great tunes to choose from
  5. OK, tell me what you've done for matty good.... I'll go first.... for the inacoma release, me and my friends documented the whole day including the bus stop in the morning, going to Subway before, going to FutureShop to buy the CD, took pics with the cashiers..then later brought the party to my house where I played several MGB tunes, and had a Matt Good cake! We also watched the whole DVD (dialogue w/good and director) and found the secret rabbits vid! I know, I am a HUGE NERD, but I don't care cause I love matty so much... anywho, let's see what you GOT! ;)
  6. I'm in for an acoustic number for sure.... as soon as my cold leaves me! ;)
  7. give 10 songs then a 4 song encore for what would be your dream acoustic set list from your very own matty good
  8. WOW, there is no one song I'd say let's go... the rat who would be king life beyond the minimum safe distance avalanche the workers sing a song of mass production while we were hunting rabbits the fine art of falling apart all together
  9. advertising on police cars would be beautiful
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