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  1. i agree, set him free! wow that rhymes!
  2. 1995, chief export of Sri Lanka, 1995 marilyn manson
  3. ewww hes terrible. i know one, the rock! nobody takes him serious cuz hes a wreslter, but hes a pretty good actor! the rundown and walking tall are both awesome movies
  4. good vibes are very good, they are really good for vibes, good vibes good vibes vibes maggie simpsons soother
  5. danimal, ive never heard of him either
  6. the batmobile rocks, it is really really fast, robin isnt straight subway
  7. tru, but family guy also takes things farther then the simpsons, which is usaly funnyer, and characters like stewie are hilarious
  8. k fine, shake your tailfeather- p diddy n sum other fags
  9. brain damage- eminem, im just playing the game!
  10. id say family guy is better then the newer simpsons, but ntuhing compares to the classic simpsons.
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