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  1. waynes world, the rundown, hes awesome
  2. i didnt know it was used, party animal
  3. i got goldeneye, perfect dark, namco museum, dr mario, san fransico rush, and a few others i ferget.
  4. the rules dont say anything about not using the same artist, the power of money-eminem
  5. wisdom teeth are good, it hurts when they get removed, they dont make you smart nex totpic: Dr Dre
  6. eminem duznt suck.. and luke skywalker cud kick captain kirks ass any day
  7. ill say some lyrics, you guess the artist, then if you get it right, you post some lyircs and so on, so ill start it off..(ps, im not postin all eminem lyrics lol) 'aint no crooked letter I, its do or die, everyone wants to stay alive'
  9. spongebob is way better! its really stupid, but so is everything esle on tv. and the movies out novmber
  10. lol thats kinda dumb, i wudnt do that for 50 grand i dont think
  11. lol if he keeps talkin shit about eminem i dont see that happening
  12. ya same, id do anything as long as it wudnt kill me or cause me long term pain
  13. wow me an october actually agreed on sumthnig, strange.
  14. id do it just cuz you wud get to do sum things that are fun, and although eating poo and bugs is gross, its werth it if you win the cash.
  15. wutever u say october, and his movie was successful, its made the most money of an rated R movie other then hanibal, hes an excellent rapper, u cant say hes not.
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