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  1. u idiot boond, there isnt 8 canadian teams, theres 6! jeeze u suck lol
  2. when i hear pikachu, i tihnk... porno!
  3. well i think linkin park is a dam good band, i like hip hop more then rock, but the rock i listen to usuallyinvolves linkin park. there songs are great, and i heard there concert here was kick ass. dont be hatin'!!
  4. best movies ever: 8 mile the replacements happy gilmore super troopers club dread the x-men movies and a side note: LOTR SUX!!!
  5. lol u all suck, eminems the bestest! whos better huh? and i dont need tampons!
  6. ;) :angry: eminem!!! hes so pro better then anyone else wooo!!!
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