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  1. where did they try and use the money?
  2. well sorry xandi fer wutever i sed, i was just joking er bein an idito like i usually am
  3. i dont remmebr saying anything like that??
  4. i dont like rock, but green day are pretty good.
  5. that line you gave from stan anton, isnt even a lien in the song, its longer and has more rhymes, and its not cheesy, its him telling his fans not to go crazy over him.
  6. lol eminem has metaphors that most ppl dont understand so they think his lyrics are stupid. if you lsiten to a lot of his stff like i do you know exactly wut hes sayin. and hes probly a better person then matt to, sure he used to be into drugs and stuff, but he was just becoming famous and rich, many celebrities do this. but now hes starred in a moive, released some albums, become really really rich, and is now focused on his relationship with his daughter and wife.
  7. QUOTE Rule #4: Don't be racist, sexist, or overly offensive. Final warning. This post has been edited by Crusader on Jul 7 2004, 04:11 PM what did i say?
  8. speeches are stupid, the haiku topics are dumb, make them easier next topic: jesus edit: be nice to others ;) its in the RULES
  9. i made star wars take the lead, star wars is just awesome, and star trek is just annoying.
  10. woa woa woa im gone for a few days and this is here? well first of all, eminem isnt popular just cuz hes white. if he wanst talented, he wudnt have made it big. cuz back in the day freestyling was how u got ur name, and eminem was hated cuz he was white, but then when ppl actually listened to his rhyming skills, he was respeted and liked. Dr Dre liked him to, sigend him, and now hes arguably the best rapper. the oly reason you ppl hate eminem is cuz he is a rapper, and you guys dont like rap. the guy duznt rap about hoes and guns like other rappers that i also hate, he raps about things like fighting with family and friends, childhood issues and other stuff. eminem duz not suck! eminem is richer then matt good, the beasty boys, and every other stupid rock group out there, so dont say he sucks
  11. moshing is stupid, rock concerts are stupid. why wud u wana jump around like a buncha retards to sum bad music?
  12. water is tasty, it really isnt pasty, it lacks flavour tho. next topic: what is NF
  13. ya that was the last one, and the bar dance is pretty funny
  14. lesbian twins eh, im gona have to see this movie
  15. no, stiffler was sooooo funny, just watch it dan, its sooooo funny lol
  16. now troy is an excellent movie, it was long to, but it was entertaing. its in my top 3 favorite movies.
  17. lol and make jim carrey as the riddler
  18. lol o jeeze, well first of all, LOTR is just a buncha elves n wizards fighting to destroy a ring, whats so awesome about that? its really boring and long, i duno why you you wud sit threw 3 and a half hours of that.
  19. samwise is the stupidest cahracter
  20. american wedding is the ebst, cuz stiffler says the funnyest shit ever, sooo funny
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