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  1. sing for the moment isnt cheesy. bitch. neither was bad touch, or amish paradise
  2. i love how it teaches you to talk like stiffler. that guys a genious
  3. ya catwomans gona be great, filmed in vancouver, and halle berrys so hot!
  4. that looks like a pretty crappy movie.
  5. milkshakes are very good, chocolate and vanilla, they are really good nex topic: movies
  6. how did they introduce connors?
  7. same idea, name a movie title, then another title with a same word. ill start it off '8 mile'
  8. k im gona start a movie tag game, start that one now if u want
  9. i know that the hob goblin, or green goblin will be in spiderman 3, but whos next?
  10. orion the hunter, i have never ehard of him, who the hell is he? next topic: beer
  11. parks are really fun, you can play and always run, and you can eat buns! next topic: sunglasses
  12. lava lamps are cool there really fun to look at, i think ill buy one nex topic hockey
  13. futurama rocks, its a pretty funny show, watch it and youll know. next topic: simpons!
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