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  1. haha ya, anyone know who the villains gona be fer spiderman 4?
  2. brian griffin rocks, he is the funnyest dog, i wish i had him nex topic: poker
  3. lol i missed that
  4. ok, just cuz u sed be nice, ill listen
  5. forgetfullness eh, well here goes.. this topic is tough, what was the topic again? o well, back to porn! stupid and not rhyming, but good enuff! next topic: EMINEM woooo!
  6. boond, wuts the next topic?
  7. my name is ryan, well, mite as well call me Parker, since everyone else duz, anwyays, im 16, a wigger and im honest lol. and in case you havent noticed i like eminem a lot!
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