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  1. ya anton thats wut i thot, bowling for columbine was really good, i expected this to be good to, but it was really stupid
  2. how come everyone says im stupid? ive seen the movie and its terrible
  3. whats faster sound or light?
  4. why were you watching CNN?
  5. haha yeah, thnx fer defendin me anton, im a goode speller then you to boony boy
  6. lol wutever, wut u guys are talking about shudnt be talked about by teenagers, old news broadcasters discuss these things, jeeze.
  7. i only heard 1 song, liked it. and im not really into the whole rock music thing, in my opinion anyone can yell random shit imto a mic. anyways SoCo as u sed, are aight.
  8. Xmen, spiderman, fantastic 4! ironman to.
  9. lol no im not, im just not a nerd who studys up on other countries leaders, get a life boond!
  10. how do i get to the arcade??
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