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  1. once again, in no order: Songs For The Deaf - QOTSA Make Yourself - Incubus A Crow Left Of the Murder - Incubus Ride The Lighting - Metallica Underdogs - Matthew Good Band Up To Here - The Tragically Hip Absolution - Muse Eliminator - ZZ Top Live From Folsom Prison - Johnny Cash Colour And The Shape - Foo Fighters
  2. Does anybody know what site I can go to to get a real good tab of apparitions???
  3. for some reason Yes, Dear it's a horrible show but i always find myself watching it
  4. Paris Hilton is possibly the worst person ever. she's not all that hot, a little good looking yes. dudes are only attracted to her because they know that if they run into her it's a garunteed lay
  5. i too was born and raised in the ottawa area, and i don't so much hate the sens because of the roster, i hate the sens because of the fans, and that damn Chara, dirtiest hockey player ever. they'll do like they do every year. the season will be all peaches but trouble in the playoffs because they don't have any leaders that show up when the play gets a little rough. the leafs won't necessarily beat them out, and even if they do make it to the finals, look at the record against western conference teams. Ta ta you damn dirty sens
  6. No Logo, it's long, very dry and boring in some spots, but it's good to educate yourself on what you're actually buying, so the struggle continues. bascially a good read in you like facts and numbers
  7. better than I thought it was going to be. I don't like Renee, how ever you spell her last name, but she did an excellent job in that role
  8. I prefer Saving Private Ryan, less 'Go U.S. Go' and more about the story
  9. i watched Crash, dear lord what a great movie
  10. Basically your favourite lyric(s) in a song that Matthew Good wrote. Mine is from 'The Workers Sing A Song On Mass Production' and it's 'Life's A Dirty Business So Just Be A Prick And Do It While The World's Awake'
  11. not directly at me, I think he's looking at the popple beside me what is better, popples or cabbage patch kids?
  12. anyone with that loveable Sean Connery, because,w ell it's Sean Connery
  13. is that the one with Paul Walker and Jessica Alba? If it is Paul Walker deserves to be stoned to death because he is terrible, and Jessica Alba, you're far too hot
  14. it was one of the better comic book movies to date, but did anyone else find Bale's Batman voice a bit annoying after awhile?
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