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  1. I'd fucking get even. That makes me fucking mad. Buy a paint ball gun. Or burn the golf lawn with fertilizer, the spray kind. Buy an air horn and blast back at him. Fling dog shit onto the golf course---Flaming dog shit. Do something. Oh yeah, I miss summer vacation and not haveing to do advanced engineering math.
  2. A little. School, work, and catching up on sleep. Doesn't leave much time to run around on the internet. Plus I only read Matts blog every few months because I don't enjoy the political side of him so much. I just thought since no one had decided to discuss it (or from what I can see), I would. And if you see this as too sensitive of an issue and don't wanna talk about it, then we'll forget it ever happened. Also, any problems you may have (not being a moderator?) can be directed to my avatar.
  3. Are Matt and Jenn breaking up? ;) Discuss.
  4. yes thank u. i am sick of hearing people trashing bush. its getting really old. i am not a fan of politics, so i really dont like how this is set up. i liked songs from the band. like the rock ones they had. that dont have anything to do with politics. i really like this new sound, just not the lyircs. at all. you are better than this matt, expand, dont keep going off what everyone, including yourslef have already done, maybe not in song, but its old Yup, I agree. More political stuff ;) He should find something new to sing/talk about. Human rights, etc.. have killed his music.
  5. OMG!! Lol I definately just went into a 2 minute laughing fit
  6. Mr. Chips


    That's fucked up I wouldn't want to go to sleep ever again... ;) :angry: :angry:
  7. 6/10 because batman is not as good as everyone claims it is. Kinda like the rolling stones.
  8. Lego and enjoying setting things on fire/blowing things up---->Chemical Engineer (student)
  9. Yes! ;) I thought it was pretty sweet.
  10. I have every song ever done by Matt on my mp3 player.
  11. I think the show is pretty fuckin' sweet. The writers of the show are clever as hell.
  12. If they were manifestos that'd be sweet! ;) Edit: Oh my fuck, how much can one man write about the war in Iraq? Apparently a lot...
  13. I'm not really sure, from what way are you reading the numbers. Mine is either #00089 or #68000 Ok never mind, only 35000 copies were made, so my number is 00089! I win.
  14. "The fine art of falling apart" is an awesome song, actually it's my favourite song from the whole MGB collection. "Apparitions" is a great somg to learn how to play; "Alert Status Red"; and "Rico"--the intro at the beginning of the song is fun to play.
  15. Math class in highschool. A friend lent me "At last there's nothing left to say" (the class was quite boring)and then at the same time I put on his headphones and started to listen to MGB. It was pretty sweet ;) Reading "Porno Safari" while I listened to Carmelina---Oh man those were the days.
  16. I've never watched the show for the medical cases. I mean sure someone gets sick blah blah borrring... but House's comments and just the way all the characters interact is what I watch for really, and by characters I mean House, Wilson, Cutty, and the other docs. That's actually the only reason why I watch the show, I fucking hate regular medical dramas, they fucking suck, but this show's got something different. Wilson and House's conversations are awesome ;) But yeah, if you're watching for the medical cases...I mean I guess they're ok, but really that's not what the show is about. Most of the time the patients don't really matter. They just allow the docs to run around and converse, while House makes cracks at everyone :angry:
  17. Mr. Chips


    hahaha, those damn people had to go and die and ruin the MGB concert. Also, what's with people giving away organs to see MGB reunite? - Avalanche was AWESOME. ... I MIGHT give a fingernail for a reunion EDIT: although i guess legs aren't organs. Nevertheless, my point stands Your point was crap. I've emailed Matt; say's if we all...start sawing off limbs now, he will start calling up the rest of the band. I've already bought my saw. What have you done? ;)
  18. Where the hell is the rest of the songs? I vote "The Future is X-Rated" and then "A Boy an His Machine Gun" Not on the poll but those are my choices. But seriously though, next time include all the songs off the album, or just call the poll "random songs I like, that I wanna know if you like too" ;) Sry, all in good fun.
  19. I have one exam left, I'm not studying and I'm sitting at home on msn. Afterwards.. I'm going to a party and summer will then begin. I am quite excited ;) Yay for drugs/lack of school.
  20. Mr. Chips


    All you bastards and your love of the solo career--As much as I love what Matt is doing now, I don't think it will ever compare to the greatness that was MGB. I also liked him much more when he was taking shots at Our Lady Peace and Nickle back.. I Guess I think he was better as an asshole.. Anywho..
  21. Mr. Chips


    They should reunite...I'd give both my legs to have that happen---It'd be great ;)
  22. lol Nice. I have a poli-sci exam on wed...It's going to blow big chunks.
  23. I just watched the movie last night actually, and I thought it sucked. The beginning of the movie was great, but then it just kinda fell of and lost meaning.
  24. Anyone watch this show? The smartass doctor fellow? I think it's great ;)
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