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  1. not sure. i hope that I am misreading him. I can't imagine why someone would devote time to listening to MG and posting repeatedly on a board devoted to his music if they truely think his music isn't "GOOD"
  2. When Avalanche initially came out the enhanced CD gave you access to a "secret website" called HOSAM (House of Smoke and Mirrors). There were a handful of downloads available including the aforementioned acoustic version of Lullaby... Someone stole my Avalanche CD so I'm not sure if the site is still up and running.
  3. omg!! razorblade suitcase has been on constant rotation for like two weeks. greedy fly...i was just reflecting on what a great video that was!!! ditto the fav. band part
  4. three cheers for heather and her dancing shoes (or lack there of)! <<raising hand in the air, sans wine glass, in a toast motion>>
  5. i think 80% of his shit is radio.. and thats the problem he doesnt have enough GOOD songs. ??yeah...uhh..umm...right?? ;) and you are here...why?? :angry:
  6. Why in the hell is everyone infatuated with lo-fi? I mean, come on, I know it's very rare and all, but we've all heard the songs. They're good but definitely NOT matt's top three. It's kind of like if you stole a Ferrari by hot-wiring it. And then a month later after you'd already drove the hell out of it said, "OOH, This car would be sooo much better if I had the keys!" There is no way lo-fi should be tops on anyone's list. Especially the "date prep" list. For one, since josie obviously stated in the preface you couldn't list it. and secondly, unless you're taking a whore bath in preparation for your date, it is not long enough.
  7. definitely "Can't Get Shot In the Back" and "Lullaby for the New World Order" from the HOSAM site muy bien
  8. I voted yes b/c of lack of radio play. His exposure here in the states is very minimal. Actually it is more like non existant. Back when I was in college in Michigan, MGB was on the "hot list" at WGRD in Grand Rapids. Only because of HTB. That's how I found him. One listen to Beautiful Midnight and HTB was instantly my least favorite song of his. NOT that it is a bad song. It's actually a great song compared to other artist's crap. HTB just ranks low on the MG scale for me. I'm from North Carolina aka "Dale Earnhardt Land" so when Junior was in the Anti-Pop video I thought, "Hey, MGB's got their foot in the door, maybe they'll get some airplay here." NOT! I even had a conversation with the station manager at WEND in Charlotte. Their response was basically "no market, no fan base." I'm like that's bullshit! Five years ago nobody in the states had heard of Nickleback. Now they are gettin' head from every disc jockey that pushes the Billboard Top 40. In addition, they're regulars at the Weenie Roast (free concert event in NC). Our Lady Peace is also there quite often, so to say that Canucks can't make it here is false. As a fan it is frustrating to see "your guy" not get the props he deserves. I guess this is the feeling all true music fans face, but at the same time you have to appreciate the fact that they are not well known. I kinda like the feeling of going against the grain and knowing something no one else knows. Being able to show somebody some great music that they've never heard before is awesome. I guess the most important fact here is that if Matt is happy where he is then we as fans have to accept whatever level of exposure he's been granted and be content with it. 'Cause one day Matt will be Prime Minister and everyone in the world will know him after he kicks out an acoustic version of "North American for Life" as his acceptance speech. Rock on MG...We drank the Kool-Aid...We are your disciples...We can rule the world!!
  9. My fav. is definitely Mele Kalikimaka Always reminds me of "Christmas Vacation" when Clark is standing at the back window fantasizing about the pool (and Mary) in the backyard.
  10. Chocktaw Bingo - James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards
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