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  1. just posting so i can get this song, cant wait. im so poor on the bored.
  2. i never got to go through with it, cuz i didnt get his autograph, but i was gonna get him to sign my back in sharpie and then have it permantley inked on
  3. pissed off, i was gonna go to calgary but its sold out. GAY!
  4. i hate how nevermind is no.1 while it was a good album 15 years ago. its not that amazing
  5. heard the new single, not impressive, but niether was schism but, lateralus was amazing. so heres to hoping
  6. ryan adams is one of my favourite artists, although 29 isnt that great of a record.
  7. underdogs - matthewgood bbc sessions - jimi hendrix morning glory - oasis incesticide - nirvana gold - ryan adams
  8. BOO i think i might be out of town for the edmonton show.
  9. just read on truth explosion that its confirmed that they have enough material for 2 cds. and maybe a dvd.
  10. do you remember the first time you heard matthew good and how it made you feel
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