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  1. he is going to stream it on his website is that correct?
  2. I heard it was straining on the eyes because of the artwork this true?
  3. 300 its been a way since i've been out I heard Aqua Teen hunger force is gonna be good
  4. This is pretty much how the Ralph Nadar speech went at my University the other day. He first begins by bashing Bush for the Militant Commission Act and how he is violating the Genova Conventions creating anti-american feelings around the world and reducing the the roles of the Congress and Judical Branch by allowing more power to be placed under the Executive Branch. He then bashs Liberman for agreeing with the war with Iraq and agree with the MCA. He blames the Democrats for allowing these behaviors to continue, he even there is a majority of Republicans in the Congress he still blames the Democrats for not calling the Republicans out on these acts and legislation that they are passing. He of course advises people to "think green" then he got into law stuff that he was directing to the Law school students so i was a little lost. I felt he got his point across he said he wouldnt run for a national office come 2008. What amazed me most was students texting away on their cell phones. Why would you go if you did not want to be there. That is another issue for another time. see ya
  5. it was awful enough said
  6. Ralph Nadar is actually come to Quinnipiac University in CT today to speak about the end of Habeas Corpus, I will be attending if anyone is interested I'll give you his view from what i hear today.
  7. Near Fantastica acoustic version is awesome
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