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  1. i knocked my head once in a soccer game and for the rest of the day i could have sworn i smelled beef jerky everywhere.
  2. me http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a350/khe...ngwithKyle1.jpg chris http://i14.photobucket.com/albums/a350/khe...9999/chris5.jpg
  3. that dane cook is a silly bitch.
  4. i saw them play in milwaukee this past summer. i've been a long time deftones fan, but when i go to a show i'm smart enough to realize that the band isn't gonna sound the same as it does recorded. go for the experience and don't get hung up on the fact that the singer isn't hitting the notes. it's deftones, not mariah carey. i was five feet away from the stage the whole show and it was spectacular.
  5. yay for www.mgtabarchive.com i'm a beginner too. so far i've played generation x-wing, fated, apparitions, strange days, tripoli, i, the throw away, truffle pigs, lullaby for the new world order, empty road, dancing invisible, as long as you're mine, and can't get shot. if i can play em, so can you.
  6. beautiful midnight is always gonna have a special place with me. it was the album that was out during the time i first heard them. otherwise i might be more inclined to say audio of being.
  7. i don't think it would matter to me what song he did. so far i've loved every acoustic version i've heard.
  8. def raiders. i went out to the local fair and bought one of those cheap leather whips after watching it. haha
  9. these movies were the source of many bad catch phrases used between me and my friends one summer. every other thing we said was "boot it" and "this room is red, i want to go back to the blue room...".
  10. holy... i was a big transformers fan growing up. this should be something to see.
  11. edward scissorhands. it had been so long since i'd seen it that i forgot how the ending was filled with soul crushing sadness...
  12. pearl jam - leavin here, last kiss, rockin in the free world aerosmith - come together tool - no quarter
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