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  1. Some tickets for Edmonton on eBay.
  2. stephen


    No problem. Got both myself and both are signed. Good luck with your auction.
  3. stephen


    There were 5000 copies of Lo-fi-B-sides made. 1000 copies of Avalanche on vinyl.
  4. Does anybody have the audio for this when they performed on the Late Show Sept 30/04. One of the best Dylan cover's I've heard.
  5. Pre-order from Maple Music and the first 200 copies of Hospital Music will be signed.
  6. The Myer Horowitz has numbered rows and seats, and I know people have been given assigned seats, eg. row L seats 3,4. Or balcony row BB seats 20,21. Hope that helps.
  7. Enemy at the Gates, Saving Private Ryan
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