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  1. pretty radio friendly. glad we got a video.
  2. I'm excited that demos/samples are being released on his website this time around. Looking forward to hearing the final project all at once for the first time.
  3. jesse, if this was facebook, I would like your comment
  4. when did matt announce the title of this album?
  5. If I had a copy, I would definitely send it to you. But I only have the mp3s. Thanks History Teacher!
  6. i love this album and continue to listen to (parts of) it every day
  7. If this is the type of stuff available with M+, then I can't wait to sign up.
  8. I would pay for sure. I'm just curious how many people he would need to register for it to be worthwhile...
  9. I am definitely willing to contribute. I have some set lists stored back from '05-present.
  10. The song is really great. I too would appreciate an instrumental album.
  11. Yes! Please, stop being his fans and never go to a show again! I had to give my ticket away last minute to a friend because of something that came up with school. I'm pretty upset because I was looking forward to this concert for months (snagged some great seats too). Seriously, I hate some of those idiots that go to his concerts......
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