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  1. I agree that most of the fighters these days suck at grappling, but back whenever Royce Gracie was fighting he made you want to see someone try to take him on in a ground fight. The guy was awesome with chokes and submissions. It'll be interesting to see him and Matt Hughes go at it. The sport has changed a lot since Royce fought, but I hope he can pull out a win.
  2. I agree with Kent. The needle pit scene was bad. The only other scene I can think of that was worse was the bite the curb scene in American History X. Don't know why, just seemed like it is probably something that happens. Plus Edward Norton did a great job radiating hatred from the character he played, just made it seem real.
  3. I wouldn't mind hearing The Chain by Fleetwood Mac being sung by Matt and Holly McNarland.
  4. I don't think it would work very good as a movie. Half an hour is a perfect amount of time for it, short and sweet and funny as hell. Doesn't mean I wouldn't watch the movie, but I would rather see Showtime pick it up and keep the original format.
  5. Lord of the Flies by William Golding. I read it every once in a while to reassure myself kids are really nothing more than distilled evil.
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    Prime Time Avalanche
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    Last of the Ghetto Astronauts Born to Kill
  8. I couldn't get past Wizard and Glass at first either. Waited a couple years and read through the first books again until Wizard and Glass and trudged through it, just to get it out of the way. After that I was hooked until the last book. Last book was decent, not great, except for the end which left me feeling empty inside, but in a good (didn't see that coming) way. My 2 cents.
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    Lullaby... House of Smoke and Mirrors
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    My Out of Style... Giant
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    Under the Influence Prime Time Deliverance
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    tripoli generation x-wing
  13. I agree with Instant-Karma that he had a lot better chance of breaking into the U.S. market back when it was M.G.B. He might not have ever cared if he sold records in the U.S. or not. However, someone wanted him to break into that market, or the money wouldn't have been spent releasing Beautiful Midnight, and getting it played, at least on mtv2. I don't know if it was played on any good radio stations since I live in the sticks and most radio stations around here play country. Just kinda sucks I have to surf the web just to see if he has any future music coming down the pipeline; but at least that options there, or I'd be screwed.
  14. Heard hello time bomb on much music when i could still get it on directv in the states. Then heard load me up and thought about getting the cd off amazon as an import. $30 was a lot for a band I'd never heard of but finally did it. Liked the cd a decent amount but the turning point for me was watching the strange days video. The song was okay till then but paired with the video made me an instant fanatic. Very powerful together, and made me start looking for earlier music from the band. Hooked ever since.
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