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  1. jeef47

    Old Demos

    I do review the rules every so often. I might have forgotten a few such as reviving old posts, but I didn
  2. jeef47

    Old Demos

    I don't mean to be rude, I used the search feature to locate this thread. After reviewing it and looking at the date I wasn't sure if the files had been posted then removed. I was unaware that you still hadn't uploaded the files, or am I missing something else? I am uncertain about the reference to the rules? maybe you can clarify a little better. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. jeef47

    Old Demos

    sorry, Where is the lounge? is that a portion of Nearfantastica? or a different site all together?
  4. I know I would definitely like to see another heavier rock album, something with the same momentum as Alert Status Red, Hello Time Bomb, Load Me Up, Put out Your Lights and Deep Six.
  5. jeef47

    Old Demos

    I currently don't see Broken Euphony, Left of Normal and 15 Hours On A September Thursday on the NF store. I was wondering where I might be able to acquire these songs these days?
  6. realistic is what I can afford, so $100-$150.
  7. I have the greatest hits version, but I am looking for an original copy ;) I know its really hard to come by and like i said I've been looking for years, this is just another attempt.
  8. I know its a long shot, but i figure if I dont ask them I opportunities may never happen. I am interested in Lo-fi b-sides. Ive been looking for this cd for years and have had no luck. I am willing to pay a realistic price.
  9. I am just wondering if the '64' silkscreen is officially 604? it does make sense that it would be the area code, but the appearance of how the numbers are sized and positioned still leaves me uncertin if that was the intial intention. Is there any background information that might be able to support theory?
  10. I wonder if its a better idea to order it off the website. I assume the website will mail me a double disc cd. Or would it be better to wait til best buy has it on the 4th. What do you all think?
  11. Where are these usually posted? I usually glance at Matthewgood.org once a day. But I dont do any searching. Are they in the audio/video section or are they on his myspace?
  12. I enjoy both of them. I like the color in the real one. I think it will look good on my cd shelf!!!
  13. wait wait wait... is there a Flashdance? I always knew about FlashDance II but on what album did he release Flashdance?
  14. I hope matt put those songs he has already streamed up again... in like a rotation.
  15. my vote was entered without hearing the "full" version of SIIFTM. I wasnt able to jump on a computer over a couple days and I missed it. But the version from the solo tour was great and I assume this one will be better.
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