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  1. Mike


    I'll definitely be there. I'm probably going to have an extra ticket if anyone needs one. My partner kinda bailed on me last second.
  2. They're good. I like to listen to them once in a while, but there are a lot of bands that sound very similar to them.
  3. Mike

    Cover by MG

    Anything by Radiohead would be really interesting to hear.
  4. You never know. Hopefully, it will be a good amount of new stuff we haven't heard.
  5. "There's always drinks and dancing in the rubble." That whole verse is incredible.
  6. I saw Matt in Buffalo three days ago and he was amazing. I was worried because supposedly he was sick in Kingston a few days before the show. But his voice was even more amazing than i remembered it when i saw him in October. I really like what he did with the acoustic renditions of "Symbolistic White Walls" and "Indestructible". One thing that did disappoint me was that he didnt play "Advertising On Police Cars". Other than that, it was an absolutely amazing show.
  7. MG is underrated for a number of different things. First of all, people usually will only listen to his radio hits like Indestructible and Apparitions. Also, a majority of the population does not appreciate good lyrics and creative musicianship unfortunately. A lot of people just want their music to be catchy, and not have to worry about depth or meaning of the song. I think it's a damn shame he isn't more appreciated.
  8. Suburbia definitely has incredible lyrics.
  9. I'm glad you got "She's In It For The Money" and "When Hollywood Runs Out Of Indians" up on the NF store. He didn't play them at the Buffalo show.
  10. Parable, I'm in a good mood for some reason.
  11. 1-The Rat Who Would Be King 2-The Fine Art of Falling Apart
  12. Mike

    Europe Tour

    I wouldn't get my hopes up. He only places one club even in the states.
  13. I'll be attending the concert at Infinity. It's the only place in the states that Matt will play. It's a stand up concert but there are chairs and small tables towards the front of the club. It's a perfect venue for an acoustic show.
  14. Tool and A Perfect Circle are both absolutely amazing bands.
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