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  1. hmmmmm, i think any hip hop songs suk, so they are the worst songs of 2004, period.
  2. StarShip Troopers, jus the first one, the second one wuz severly dissapointing.
  3. oh, ballet! awesome, girls in tights:D
  4. i got an achievment, i whent outside! haha, guyz, wow, 1000 + posts, we need to see the great outdoors more people.
  5. I need PS2 games, hook me up wit some titles parker
  6. The legue of extraordinary gentleMEN
  7. Lol, chips, i do believe we moved on buddy boi, lol, But yea, I'm for gay marriage, all this religion and such says "marriage is meant for a man and a women" however, is this not racial in a sense? Is it ok for someone to say that an african american and a "white" person cannot wed because they are different? They are not acceptable? No, this is not accepted in social society, so, why are we doing it to the Homo-sexuals of our time? Let them wed, let them luv, because that is wut weddings are meant for.
  8. Yea, boone is quite the Halo fanatic, and a pretty damn good artist. I guess i would say i'm good at most video games. Like i can catch on pretty quickly and then beat yur ass down, lol, Boone knows ;)
  9. I totally agree with the subject of cloning organs, now, those of you who appose me, syaing "it's un-ethical, it's wrong, we cannot play God", lemme purpose something for you. Ok, one day u get married, you luv your wife with all your heart, and as a result of that luv u decide to have a child. So finally this day comes, the day you have been waiting for your whole life, the epefiney of all the luv u have felt most of your life. The baby is born, it's a boy, a tear slowly falls down yur cheak as you hold him for the first time, however, u cannot help but notice the doctors stone cold expressio
  10. Hey everyone, Ok, u know wut they say, "No ones good at everything, but everyones good at something,"? well, lemme know wut yur "something" is, wut are u good at? Ok, but lets keep these at least a lil clean kiddies.
  11. I blame both, because with organization, comes greed, i also blame hate, religion spawns hate, which is the opposite of wut it is meant for, however, it is the case
  12. yea man, i tried that:D lol, hey, do u have any good mp3's? cause i only got a few, lime wire is useless ;) lol
  13. War is trivial when it's not necessary, however, war is needed, it's needed to bring peace, and one other thing, think about this one, most of our major wars are due to religion, so wut is the real problem here?
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