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  1. i work at kins farm market ;) and if u don't know what that is, well i dun rlly feel like explaining it, so lets just say like a small vegetable store, but bigger.
  2. X-box ;):D:D:D:D lol, and i think there wuz other stuff, but somehow it just seems insignificant, lol.
  3. Hahaha, good one biggie, and i agree with u Mrs. Jesus, Broken's joke is hillarious, it made me laugh, lol. Ok, there where these three kids sitting on the sidwalk blowing bubbles, a cop walks by and arrests them. So the next day the three of them appear in court. The judge asks the first, why did u get arrested? She replies, i was blowing bubbles. oh, the judge says, that's dumb, your free to go. The next comes up and the judge asks the same question. She replies, i was blowing bubbles. Again, the judge dissmisses her, saying that is just dumb. The next comes up, and the judge asks him, where u blowing bubbles too? No, he replies, i am bubbles. hahaha, i've alwayz luved that joke ;)
  4. cookies ;) and who the hell is Joel? Josh, u arn't 3, u just have the mental capacity of one, but so do i, so who am i too complain?
  5. MukaMan


    Dan, elephantitis is when yur body grows huge (apendiges), dun exactly know why, but it looks really weird :S
  6. Welcome to trucker Tycoon! I will be your guide, corporal Dickinmouth, did u know santa is blue? *I touch myself* Take the tour! (well, not great, but best i could come up with)
  7. yes! reset it! lol, i think i suggested this to Anton at skewl like 2,000,000 times, haha, woot! i have a fightin chance ;)
  8. haha, ok, when i first whent into here i thought u guyz where talking about metro town, wow, wuz i wrong, haha.
  9. Yea, i hear yea, dun they use like bone meal in jello and stuff? and I guess yur not gunna become a true vegetarian eh? cuz that means no cheese or milk products, i couldn't live without cheese ;) lol, but yea, my new years resolution is to not be so trusting, now i know some wut some of u are thinking, that's not a resolution, that's just bitter, but after going through a reltionship in which i wuz treated lower then dirt, when i wuz nothing but good to her, and finding out that those u thought where closest to u would just ditch u when something better comes along, so i'm a lil more cautious now, not everyone is entitled to trust, that's how i see it...
  10. yea, i must admit, macs are a way better platform, but still, they seem to be lacking in the gaming department, and lets face it, unless u program, video edit or use yur comp for work and need it to be uber fast, then for us gamers out there the PC seems to be a better choice at the moment.
  11. 7/10, it's kinda blan, Josh u started this?
  12. MukaMan


    to let yea know boone, no, i do not check old threads, lol!
  13. hmmmmm, i think any hip hop songs suk, so they are the worst songs of 2004, period.
  14. MukaMan


    Hey guyz, an gals, Well then, i wuz having an interesting talk with xandi a while bak and we got to talking about how we would like to die. Personally, i'm goin to either die in a flame of glory after being shot out of the air in war, or i shall be impaled by a moose after tryin to ride it. waaaaaa. haha, now post yur deaths, hehe ;)
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