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  1. Yeah this is where I saw Matt Good first time too, glad it's back open?
  2. soooooooooo stoked, when do tickets go on sale because last time we got screwed because of presales..
  3. excellent thanks a lot. cbc is big shit.
  4. anyone else catch this interview? it was on a week ago. It was like a 10 minute segment on matt good and they had interviews and everything. I missed everything except the last 3 mins. Anyone have a link or can fill in what it was all about? Thanks boys and girls,
  5. yeah, it would be a much more intimate experience than the canadian shows. I really want him to become a lot more popular down there. South street would be cool, a lot better than the other HALF of philly. ha
  6. wow philly would be awesome, i know he played asbury park once. But if he plays philly its an hour from my place in Ocean city. That would be so stellar. NYC would be another great show though
  7. Hey what up everyone it's been a longggg time since I've posted. Just had a question, is Matt playin' anything in the NYC/Jersey area? Well anything even in the tri state area? I seen the Massey Hall show and it was incredible but I really want to see a show with my girl who's going to Rutgers. Thanks peeps
  8. Hey guys I've been incredibly busy lately so havent had a chance to stay on the board. Wheres the links to matts new stuff cause its not on his player
  9. Blender

    The Nhl

    its not that bad at all, philly, dallas, columbus, buffalo, new york. All those teams off the top of my head kill it in stadium attendence. 5 teams would be such shit.
  10. went to ethiopia on a xmas vacation 2 years ago and had the time of his life.
  11. likes some weird movie and gets mad at people for not knowing the movie
  12. whatd you like best about playing in ontario?
  13. its funny cause he says "i wont lie, if i was just to play acoustic guitar it'd probably be really boring" ohhh how you've changed Matthew
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