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  1. Brendan O'Brien Rick Rubin and for just rap, I think Kanye West does a good job. Mike Portnoy Terry Brown Peter Collins
  2. Devise your own Matthew Good setlist for a concert. You can have any of his songs in it, no more than 25 though. Advertising on Police Cars Hello Time Bomb Weapon Avalanche Load Me Up Alert Status Red Indestructible The Future Is X-Rated The Rat Who Would Be King Generation X-Wing IN A World Called Catastrophe Strange Days Everything Is Automatic Carmelina Rico Tripoli Born To Kill Prime Time Deliverance Apparitions Encore: While WE Were Hunting Rabbits (First Time Ever Played)
  3. Hum.... seeing the way that song is gonna be voted #1 by "Hardcore Matt Good Fans" still doesn't convince you to buy the album... hum... What are you doing here? I live in Northern Maine. They don't even have the screwed up (US) version of Beautiful Midnight here.
  4. What songs/albums should be made into movies?
  5. I really like Rico, and since I live in the USA, I never heard Hello Time Bomb until a few months ago, so I love that as well. I don't really know what my least favorite MGB song is, though.
  6. Stephen King-The Stand or Dreamcatcher, Dreamcatcher probably plays the biggest part in the Dark Tower series compared to the other books, at least that's what my dad said. "IT" was the first Stephen King book I read, and I thought it was amazing. If you think about it, the stories are kinda the same (It and Dreamcatcher) except Dreamcatcher has Duddits. Also, Ghost Rider by Neil Peart is probably the best non-fiction book I've ever read.
  7. I've always liked the lyrics for Flight Recorder From Viking 7, I don't think its his best, but its very good. Indestructible has great lyrics, IMO. Apparitions and Alert Status Red do, too.
  8. What, in your opinion, is Matt's greatest lyrical performance?
  9. I'd have to go with Generation X-Wing on that one, I love that song so much.
  10. 1.Flight Recorder 2.Life Beyond The Minimum Safe Distance 3.Flashdance II
  11. Haven't heard Avalanche (don't hurt me!) but I LOVE While We Were Hunting Rabbits
  12. MG would never come to Maine, no matter what, so my best chances would be to catch him some time when I go to Canada.
  13. For me it was a tie between The Bombmaker and LotGA. Ima gonna say The Bombmaker though, because I've always been attracted to the title.
  14. My friend has always thought Matthew Good Band was an awesome name, he says, "Dude, if one of us had the last name Good, we would definitly use their name for our band"
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