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  1. Haven't posted here in yonks. I'm home late from work on a windy night in London. Sitting on the balcony for first album listen. And right now "Bullets in a Briefcase" has just ended. I want to play the whole thing on repeat until I fall asleep. When I heard "Running for Home" I didn't think it could be outdone as an album closer. I thought the same of "Sort of a Protest Song". I thought the same of "Los Alamos". And tonight I think the same. But I've started thinking something else. Finally. It's not about outdoing. It's about ending. And each of those (and all the others before and in between) conclude their own chapters. This album will be one of Matt's best... I can already feel it. So this is my view tonight staring at the O2. I'm staring across dreaming of "Bullets" being played there. Matt has gone out of his way to meet me - like many of you I'm sure - on a few occasions, and beautifully for me, doing it in both London, ON and London, UK. I'm just an Irish lad trying to get by in life and those moments I'll forever cherish. The man is a gentleman. The musician is a genius. We, the fans, are forever lucky and grateful for both of those things.
  2. Absolutely love the sound of Hey Hell Heaven and Guns of Carolina. Looking forward to getting the album. One point of disappointment, and I seem to recall feeling this before, is how expensive shipping costs are for the vinyl to the UK and Ireland. Oh well, not the end of the world and certainly nothing to dampen my excitement about this release!
  3. "I'm like that one about a priest who walks in a bar, orders a drink, and then finds God in savage company." "Your forgiveness ain't a neighbourhood that I'm looking to live in" "Somewhere around the world someone would love to have my first world problems." "I'm on fire but all ice on the outside."
  4. Yeah, I got the same eMail from them today. I ordered it about three weeks ago, so when I saw the eMail in my inbox this morning, I assumed/hoped that it meant that it had shipped. But they're telling me "We're still trying to obtain the following item you ordered on May 08 2011". Baffling.
  5. Raygunner: I doubt there is one. I'll put my hand up to go through the forum for the HM and WLR&RR tours [if Avalanche tour is on this forum, I'll have a look at that too, though something tells me that was on the previous site. The name escapes me!].
  6. I'd be more than willing to give a hand in any way - maybe if we split the work load or something. Anyway, feel free to PM me if you want anything done.
  7. Well that's even better. I'm sure a lot of post-2005 set-lists are on this forum...
  8. Yeah, I remember when Modest Mouse played here a couple of months ago, I submitted the setlists to www.interstate-8.com and thought at the time that a similar resource for MG would be great. Obviously, the further you go back, the harder it would be. But, for example, we have all of the Vancouver tour setlist a couple of threads down, and if I do a recent search, I'd imagine there would be similar stuff for the Hospital Music tour, Nowhere to Hide tour, etc. [i apologise if those two tours were one in the same], so that's a decent starting point.
  9. I'll pretty much support anything he does that has to do with his music, so I'm going to go for it. Besides, I'm curious to see what exactly M+ will be. And as someone else said a couple of posts ago, I'd hate to be out of the loop ;) My monthly repayments on student loans is money I never really have anyway :angry:
  10. LOTGA: Omissions of the Omen Lo-Fi: Fated Underdogs: Invasion 1 Beautiful Midnight: A Boy And His Machine Gun Loser Anthems: Flight Recorder From Viking 7 Audio of Being: Sort of a Protest Song Avalanche: Near Fantastica WLR&RR: We're So Heavy In A Coma: Oh, Be Joyful! Hospital Music: She's In It For The Money Vancouver: A Silent Army In The Trees
  11. Hmmm. I thought I heard that it was this or "All Together" for AoB. As far as I know, "Dusk" is something from the post-band era. Naturally, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. I know this is going off topic, but I'm curious how you compare the CD to their live performance? I enjoy the CD [as I did their performances], but was a bit surprised that the album lacked the kind of energy that they produced live. Mods, if this is too off-topic, apologies, and feel free to remove.
  13. I hope you had a blast, man ;) Happy New Year to everyone, btw :angry:
  14. Congratulations to the guys who got it. Sorry to those who didn't ;)
  15. It's excellent that this US tour has been announced: I'm happy for all the American fans who'll get a chance to see him and the band live ;) Scanning over the tour, they'll really be covering a fair distance over the course of a month and a half! That Chicago show on March 24th is really tempting...
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