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  1. Sorry for digging up old threads but I would like to put fourth my opinion. Maybe you're are just taking it too literal and what they are saying is they don't like emo music or most popular music. Because I know that's the situation for me. And, even if they didn't like it because it was popular, so what? It's some people's style to go against what is popular.
  2. If no one is doing Avalanche I call that one too, because me an my brother might be doing a live cover of Avalanche after the summer and I'll get someone to record it
  3. "Running For Home was written by Matt about disintigrating relationships with people he knew due to the band's increasing popularity"
  4. Wow, you guys are good. Sorry, I don't check the bored 10 times a day like some people!! ;) jsunC
  5. This one could be tough.
  6. Well, those are only a few songs out of his many so I don't think it's that much.
  7. I'm afraid to say, that in my opinion, the E7#9 chord sounds hideous.
  8. Im going to post mine soon I just need to practice it. I'm doing So Long Mrs. Smith, but the 2nd guitar takes a bit of practising. Can we do mulitple covers? Or are we only doing one each for now?
  9. One reason I don't like Fearless that much and they rest of LOTGA is that the guitar is really funky. Cause he only had an acoustic guitar plugged into a couple of marshall amps. So I would like LOTGA alot more if the guitar wasn't so funky-wunky.
  10. Well, When will you be able to?
  11. No. It's just random stuff.
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