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  1. HAHAHAH, ya she doesnt even know anything about it.
  2. haha xandi is just a man, and if im not talking with her on the phone, i gotta have anotehr way to talk to her about mine sag! lol!
  3. haha of course you would anton, lol but ya i like MSN b'cuz most of my friends are on it, i mostly have yahoo for xandi lol but i keep forgetting to go on! LOL
  4. hah ya the killers are a nice new beat to the modern tune. quite like it very much and of course kumquat it'd make u dance, u'll still dance no matter what lol!
  5. k here it goes lol, kinda same as Kumquat since we hang out too much together lol "The Joker" by the Steve Miller Band hah reminds me too of times at lacrosse or baseball games blasting on the car radio. lol "My Sharona" by the Knack and "Are You Jimmy Ray?" by Jimmy Ray reminds me as well, of stupid and ugly dances me n' my friends do and the NW video "Kiss Me" by Sixpence non the Richer is a good song when i'm just thinknig about the cute boy i saw on the street LOL "I Ran" by a Flock of Seagulls reminds me of screaming along to it inthe car and serenading and dancing to it to others. "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel reminds me of Lloyd Dobler, wish he was real. "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin reminds me of the many times palying that song on guitar when i'm just wanting to be alone with my thoughts "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred reminds me of Team Fresh and the dance to this song too. "PIMP" by 50 cent sorry lol reminds me of some of my friends and a version of it dedicated to mine sag LOL "Creep" by Coldplay is a good song when im down in the dumps.
  6. haha boond get better! though i think i've said that many times on msn? lol pills are awesome, hence comnig from me, miss sick all the time, according to xandi and my frequent trips to the hospital LOL, ahh...the IV and T3's mixed with other drugs. that's the smack. lol well boond have fun with that, do something stupid, and invite me there when u do it! lol
  7. ya coldplay is pretty awesome, kinda like a change of what i usually listen to. it's nice
  8. wow i like both guitars. I'm a guitar addict, i play like for hours every day, mine's got flames and a kind of burn pattern. but i think both are awesome. Keep rockin'...
  9. lol agree with dan!!! bring back the oldies lol....fox ROCKS and alot of the rap on the beat is cRAP as boond is putting it lol, the beat is only good when your batteries are out of ur CD player and u gotta listen to some cruisin music in the car lol...ahem xandi lol what about JRfm...c'mon country music....love that stuff...listen to that and Fox all day long lol Jack: well once n awhile you hear the occasional 80s pop which is fun "Z' has gone crappy.... FOX ROCKS
  10. uh...both suck, except the beat sumtimes play those 80s old school hip hop which is fun
  11. ya i do....cuz i listen to the fox soo much nowadays...it's become better since xfm left....play alot of hot stuff and new...it's awesome
  12. 1. the OC 2. the Simpsons 3. Gilmore Girls 4. Saved by the Bell 5. Brenden Leonard show (mmm....hot guys doing stupid things lol ehe)
  13. haha hey i liked the backstreet boys lol, they're more like the rejected boy band.
  14. wtf? you just havent experienced a mosh pit lol
  15. well, it goes the same with anton loving avril cuz she's hot, even tho she sucks!!!
  16. haha im not a big adam sandler fan tho, but i think wedding singer was his better ones
  17. yes american eagle...woo.....and the OC rocks....so does seth yum. lol
  18. ya alexisonfire.....WOOOO. get stabbed with needles and mosh lol
  19. oh geez, vales always has to incorporate canucks in everything lol
  20. wooo sugar ray...mark = hot! lol....they had some awesome songs
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