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  1. Hey y'all, been awhile. This might be common knowledge at this point, I dunno, but I know some of you have been searching a long time for a lossless version of All Together. Well, I'm re-doing my music library and trying to plug holes, and just happened to find that 7digital.ca has FLAC All Together for sale! I don't know how long that's been there, but I had never found it before! There is also a live acoustic version of Prime Time Deliverance as a bonus track to Vancouver (likely from the same show as the other Vancouver digital acoustic bonus tracks). Go now, and send MG a couple of bu
  2. As someone with no record player and who is usually listening to music on the go, I just wish I could find some 24/96 vinyl rips of these, or hi-res digital files of anything older than CN.
  3. Can't even get a ticket, let alone VIP.
  4. Nope girl, sorry, Naveed/Clumsy era Raine looks like Jim Carrey, especially in the Naveed video. And big thanks to foats for the CBGB find!
  5. Very bummed I missed out on a Montreal ticket, had to wait for payday after the onsale. Hopefully something will come up for a longtime fan of both bands, I remember doing a medley of Starseed and Carmelina in my high school band.
  6. Pretty basic here: all CD releases (except Lo-Fi B-Sides of course), including two copies of Loser Anthems (one signed), plus Indestructible, Load Me Up and IAWCC singles. Two copies of ALTINLTL, one signed, and i think 5 setlists, 3 signed by MG and various other members of the 2002-2005 band. Also many tour shirts worn to faded.
  7. I totally missed that bit, I was over by the place he parked for Let's Get It On. Gold.
  8. Quebec, Montreal included, has a strange relationship with Canadian alt-rock in general. MG is not the only artist of his era to fall prey to this. Sloan, I Mother Earth, Age Of Electric, Limblifter, none of these bands really took off in the way they did in the rest of Canada, and have trouble getting shows here at all. The big exception is OLP, who have always had a large dedicated Montreal fanbase since they started out. Great show as always tonight (#14 for me). Usual amount of boneheads in the audience put a slight damper on certain parts, and something sounded strange with Jenni'
  9. My hopes for Montreal encore: A Single Explosion Avalanche (but more likely to be Apparitions) Decades Advertising On Police Cars
  10. Nice write-up here. I'm sure the security guard did not know that MG has an account here and is clearly aware of the almost 20 years of bootlegged shows being shared around here. The problem most likely does not lie with Matt himself, as we would have heard about it well before this show. It's not like anyone was being secretive about the plans to record most of the shows on this tour. Hell, he posted the lyrics to the new song on a thread where people were clearly trying to figure them out from audience recordings. It's probably more to do with the venue/promoter/label and that guy's impr
  11. I'll do it in a flash! Just waiting for Matt's call...
  12. There was also that picture Matt posted on FB from the Google Play show in April of this year, where he had a completely different band. From what I could gather in the comments, it was Dave MacMillan on bass, Topher Stott on drums, Ricky Tillo on guitar, and another guitarist who wasn't named. Maybe this MacMillan chap will take over from Bones? Also I'd love to know what was played at that show...
  13. I am unfortunately without a record player and have been for quite awhile, or else I'd just buy them, but I wish I could pay Matt for some 24/48 rips of these vinyls, because I've heard they're quite an improvement over the CDs, especially Underdogs. I found rips of the new OLP Naveed and Clumsy vinyls and even after digitizing there is a huge difference when I compare them to my CDs.
  14. My first listen impressions I Miss New Wave: Not a huge departure feel-wise, even in the lead guitar which is more or a Stu-ified version of the original part than a new part. Sounds really good, makes sense as an updated version of the original Suburbia: My least favourite of the bunch, which isn't surprising as the original is my favourite of the 5 songs, mostly because of the BM arrangement. I definitely appreciate the attempt to make this one very different, but it didn't hit the mark for me. Born To Kill: A lot like I Miss New Wave, in that the feel isn't drastically different, it
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