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  1. deremac

    New Demos

    I need to get these. Can someone pm me a link
  2. deremac

    London Show?

    I was there G27. It was an amazing show. He really pulled it off even though you could tell he was sick as hell. The setlist above looks right to me.
  3. I think it will be I'm a window considering he played it live the day they debuted born losers and its catchy.
  4. Looks like he isn't gonna get much rest on this tour either. I would have though he would give himself more time after last tour but if he can handle it, its all the better. Still waiting for Eastern Canada shows and hoping for London. For those of you familiar with the venues announced, how big are they? Would they be smaller acoustic shows or would they be better suited for a full band?
  5. Just finished it and all I can say is wow. Black Helicopter and I'm A window blew me away. One line that I never noticed before but is incredible is "Build your heart a diamond and it don't need no ring" The album flows so perfectly with a mix of songs and ends with True Love Will Find You In The End which I believe is very fitting
  6. I am at Odette right now and loving it all. Champions is truly spectacular. If I didn't have to work today, I would listen to it all day, but at least I can get one listen in.
  7. I live in London and I was so pumped when I heard that Matt was gonna be on Out of the Box against Linkin Park. After Matt, Linkin Park is probably my 2nd favorite band. I bought their new cd the day it was out and i knew bleed it out was gonna be a single. Its no where near as complex and well written as Matt's stuff but its catchy and very radio friendly. I was expected to see Matt get under 10% of the vote as Born losers isn't a traditional single even for matt's standards. Alert Status Red and Weapon did very well but born loser is far from them. When i saw that he got 37%, I was quite pleased. Even better is that he did better than the new killers song which got 34% of the vote. I am hoping this is a sign that born losers gets some decent airtime to brighten up my days and help the chance of hearing a few more from the album.
  8. He posted in his new forums that he is considering doing in all himself,and I think he could do it easily. Or if not, he will go to a lower key indie label. Either way, i cant see him not making more music, i hope hes just getting started. and for the politics thing, ive been saying this for years and i wish he would but i dont see it happening. It would cause too much drama with his crude honesty.
  9. deremac

    Street Team

    fucking fanshawe college residents...biggest shithole on earth. yourself? I go to western but I live at home in shitty southeast end of London. You can take fanshawe and Ill work on uwo and we can take the city by storm. Where would u like Matt to play for the next tour?
  10. deremac

    Street Team

    I'm in london now and I don't see anyone hassling me to listen to Matt Good. get to work. Don't worry Ill get to you, just give it some time. Where abouts in London are u?
  11. I can't wait to hear this album. I am surprised that Cant get shot and breath of a nation are not on it. I would really love a better breath of a nation but I am so glad black helicopters is on it. In the end, I am glad that he didnt take too many of the demos cause we all wanna hear new material, and hopefully a bside album will come from it.
  12. deremac

    Street Team

    I got London Covered
  13. deremac

    Matts Ring

    I am just wondering what everyones thinking about matts latest utube video on his homepage of him throwing Jennys ring into a pond. He describes it as the evil ring and tells anyone who might ever find it to piss on themselves and throw it back but honestly, if someone did ever come accross it with his name engraved and all, I wouldnt be so quick to throw it back. Hell, I'm thinking there are a few groups scuba driving as I write this looking for it.
  14. I love Radiohead, they are still way behind Matt but still one of my top 5 favourite bands. So many chilling songs.
  15. You have to look at this list for what it is and that is one radio stations list of 99 albums and sales is a huge factor, being why some of the ones no one here seems to like but sold very well, like greenday. I am very pleased to have Matt get on the list and top 20 is showing he still gets a bit of mainstream popularity. Overall not a bad list, but one that i would make would be vastly different.
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