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  1. Been a huge BNL fan ever since BOAPS. The only songs on the last three albums that have been any good were the ones written by Steve, yet the Vanity Project sucked. I'll be looking out for his solo work still. This news is devastating as a fan, but inevitable.
  2. Apparently they're meeting up with some old chick at a church to find the island again. My interest is waning. Smoke monsters and four-toed statues? I can dig it. Just don't make me go to church.
  3. BorntoHula - You take that back, god damnit! Nah, I obviously didn't elaborate the way in which I appreciate 3oh!3. I think they are hilarious lame white boys. Here, let me make up for it: The Lonely Island - Santana DVX.
  4. Let's start a topic about how the holocaust never happened. There's plenty of proof to support that, and people claimed it for years just like these "truth" groups. Or a topic about the staged moon landing. Or about how these conspiracy nuts end up doing more harm to any valid information they have with ridiculous conspiracy theories.
  5. Sondre Lerche kicks ass. I prefer his mellow stuff to the power-pop thing he's doing, but it's still great. I had forgotten there was a video for No One's Gonna Come. This is "Richman" by 3oh!3. It's awesome and if you listen to it, you can be awesome too.
  6. I thought it was a law that everyone had to own a copy of Figure 8. "Wouldn't Mama Be Proud" blew me away and I immediately had to have everything the man ever recorded.
  7. I had the demos, but I deleted them without listening. I liked the last album. I liked the one before that. And before that. He's not going to magically suck so I might as well be surprised.
  8. Stainless Style, by Neon Neon: This album is fun as fuck. A DJ and a frontman for a stoner Britpop group make an album about the life of John DeLorean and accidentally make it an 80's pop tour de force. Utterly addictive. Folie a Deux, by Fall Out Boy: No more emo band for these folks. As much as I hate to like this group due to the prepubescent teenage girls that worship the ground they walk on, the music gets better and better every album. Patrick Stump has the potential to be a musical genius, but chooses to paste eloquent pop tunes on top of Pete Wentz's clever to absolutely horrible lyrics. This whole album is about cocaine. I know why Lil Wayne is on it. Searching for the Hows and Whys, by Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly: So this is what British emo sounds like? I don't know, but it's a hell of a lot more tolerable than it is over here. There's as many heartfelt songs as there are politically aware, stripped down ballads. It's an interesting mix that warrants a repeat listen.
  9. Watching season 4 in comparison to the last three seasons is just insane. So much happens in such a short amount of time. It'd take about eight seasons worth of 1's to equal one 4. I can only imagine what will happen in season 5. edit: yeah, I got mad math skillz, yo.
  10. I would recommend Suede (Dog Man Star and Coming Up), Pixies (anything), Depeche Mode (Violator and Music for the Masses), the Dears (No Cities Left), TV on the Radio (Dear Science), and Decemerists(Picaresque). I am pulling these recommendations out of my ass based on the bands you listed.
  11. y Exactly. Why else would you put a child's full name on a birthday cake? That, and from the pictures of them that accompany the article, their family portraits are apparently done at Glamour Shots. I imagine the press died down from when the baby was born and they needed something new to grab headlines. Also worthy of notation is that the bakery offered to leave room on the cake for the parents to put the name on themselves.
  12. Nah. Fox is just going to leech off whatever profit Warner makes. It's an easy win for them, and by far their best option at this point. But they sat on the rights for 20 years and didn't do shit with them. They of course knew the film was in production the whole time and didn't make a peep. Someone else worked hard to make a pie. They now want some pie. I don't really give a damn, so long as I get to see the pie. The pie will be awesome.
  13. I found Bush's cat-like reflexes amazing. Maybe he's done this before?
  14. They changed the ending to the film, from my understanding and from several reports scattered here and there. Other than that, I'm excited about the amount of detail they have put into the film from the comic book. For instance, there are 51 stars on the flag. Robert Redford makes a cameo. That type of stuff. I think it'll be good, so long as there isn't a dance number. Also, Alan Moore is a tight-assed, overrated snob who really needs to shut the hell up already. The only times he opens is mouth is to eat and bitch.
  15. Moon Over Marin is definitely one of my favorite covers. I like it when artists take an established song and reinterpret it. Ryan Adams' Wonderwall is good example.
  16. Tonight's episode was pretty good, and a bit unexpected. I thought Turk and Carla would have the baby later on in the season. Jesus' cameo was hilarious. This show's still got it. Last season, I was a little worried because it started a little slow and it looked like they were all out of tricks.
  17. Spoilers for people who haven't already figured these things out: SPOILER (Highlight to View) Claire's father has powers. The Haitian has the power to wipe peoples' memories (and the twist involving him was awesome, btw), and anything more would be having more than one ability. The writers use him, very well I might add, as a decoy to hide the fact that Claire's father is the one with the power to shut out peoples' mind-related powers. Also, Peter's powers have yet to be fully explored. He is keeping the abilities he's gaining but doesn't know how to control them, resulting in his appearance last episode and later his triggering of the explosion. Some of that can be considered personal theory (the first bit), but I think it's pretty strong considering I thought that's what they wanted us to know after last night's episode.
  18. I'd almost say this video takes a lot from Joss Whedon's Firefly, with the space western theme happening. Also, as a fan of both bands, Muse and Radiohead really don't sound much alike unless you're talking about the falsetto vocals on some tracks, maybe a few other key places. However, I know Mr. Yorke was displeased with them one time.
  19. THANK YOU!!! I had no idea what he was trying to say there. Now it all makes sense. Not really. I've no idea where I got that spelling from, but I bet it isn't pretty. ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrF3M0vTBF4
  20. you live in texas? get out of my state, lamewad. *whew* For a second there, you had me scared that I lived in Skankachusetts.
  21. The previews make it seem like they are doing the whole New York thing next episode. If that's the case, then Ted is the one that gets it. I don't know who dies, but they were supposed to be killed off at the end of the season but due to contractual obligations...
  22. I like that little bastard in Keane for sounding more like Bono than Bono. He could sing the Oscar Meyer weiner song with the utmost sincerity. I like Matt Belamy's voice, the guy in Muse. I think he must wear this machine that squeezes his nuts at certain times during performances, because adult men simply aren't supposed to make noises like that.
  23. I thought balls was a good thing? Fuck, I don't speak Canadian. If balls were to mean "consistently bland with ineffective pseudo-art overtones" then I would say Tool is balls. MY chemical romance would be Dayquil. That stuff kicks ass. If I ever get cancer, fuck chemo. Dayquil's awesome. That and Vichotin.
  24. I know the title sounds weird to some, but it's just that on another board I defended MCR so much back when Three Cheers came out (I've been a fan since their first release), that it simply isn't discussed anymore. Last night, I'm watching Fuse with the wife and they come on and suck the paint off the walls. Meanwhile, my wife is screaming "Gays in the military! Gays in the military!" and I just can't do it anymore. Ah, enough of that. Here's Mars Volta having urine thrown at them.
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