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  1. I always sing 'Don't even know if I got me a love and it's so bad....'
  2. I thought he was saying 'sewwwwwweeeee' Like how they call pigs in all the old westren movies.
  3. I don't know if I'll even watch them. Isn't that interesting Furniture band playing? They have 'couch' or something in their name.
  4. Hey! I was first! oh whatever 7/10 I love Orca's (and Wizards)
  5. 3/10 You're cuter when you're smiling!
  6. Ask your mom for pots and pans and a salad fork. They work so much better.
  7. Advertising on Police Cars. All I could think of while my alarm was going off was "Baby don't get out of bed..."
  8. glo

    Mg Lyrics Tatoo

    I'm not huge fan of words in tatoos at all. Not for myself anyway. So, I would probably never get lyrics unless they were put in to a picture that you could bearly tell or if the words were used to trace out an image.
  9. glo

    Ebay Auction?

    I can't get it. The page isn't responding.
  10. 'To lay out all your guts for show' is how I sing it.
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