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  1. Ya that tends to happen while promoting a new album...
  2. Did anyone happen to get a recording of CFOX last night? It was an awesome interview and some really wicked acoustic works on 99% of Us and the rest of his work.
  3. God I hope I get tickets for the 20th show... It was easy when I lived in Calgary since they didn't sell out fast at all but here... I can't see them lasting long
  4. I'll pick it up in a week or two if someone wants to tell me where it is... firstly I have to fix my truck to get there.
  5. Leak the whole thing! I just want to hear it I don't need the CD in my hands when that happens. Owning everything already it's not like I'm not going to buy it.
  6. 4 minute mile Breathe of a Nation Girl in the War (cause that kicks ass)
  7. Not even close to the Austrailian Version though... glad I snuck that one off Ebay cheap. Includes Fated ;)
  8. You could just get a better paying job IN Calgary... oh I know they exist I just left there. I was making $2400 a month and I was 20.
  9. Of all the people I've encountered in my life, I have yet to meet a Mac person who doesn't use Safari. I've had my mac for about a year and a half now and after 1 month of safari I downloaded Firefox. Tried out Opera as well but Firefox is pretty much the way to go. So there you go... you haven't met me but we do exist.
  10. You could very well be.
  11. For that other version you were looking for in the thread they closed with the Bush quotes.... Ottawa live show from October 22, not sure on the year my file says 2003 though
  12. I'm not safer than a bank has a lot of promise...
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