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  1. Muran


    Beautiful words from a loving father. May God continue to walk alongside you in your journey and bless you and your family during this time of grief.
  2. Muran


    My condolences; thank you for sharing these memories of your boy. He looked darling and full of fun & laughter. It's beautiful to remember him this way <3
  3. We (some more than others) really busted his balls a lot for some of his posts, but his love of music (MG's in particular) and belonging here made him something of a "mascot" for this place. It is so sad that he won't know the loving impact he had on this small community, but he really did. We all wanted to look out for him. From his posts, he was a passionate, warm person who, no matter what venom was thrown at him, continued to always stay true to his sincere, kind personality. It was incredibly refreshing and he will be missed.
  4. ^same. The only person's posts that I kinda keep an eye out for are Evan's lol
  5. You probably won't read this, but thank you for sharing that with us. I have no other words other than my deepest, most heartfelt condolences.
  6. I think The Bored meant a lot to him and this is incredibly sad news. He did the best he could and I regret the times we were tough on him. You will be missed, Chris.
  7. Really like Had It Coming. His vocals are less "lamb-y" (although that seems to bother others more than me) and overall has this almost summer-y feel to it. I'm fond!
  8. BT - "This Binary Universe" Chicane - "Giants", "Thousand Mile Stare" Calicoleaf -
  9. The Celiac that I used to work with used to eat at Gorilla Food, like, ever day. It's not bad. I second Sweet Cherubim. Also, I fucking love the Aquarium. You can feed penguins now and the Jellyfish exhibit is awesome! So pretty!
  10. Shane is not weird, no haha At this point, I've seen his gf more times than I've seen him though XD Abigail's Party is a cute, intimate location, great food. There's also Chewie's nearby, which has some fun southern food. That area has shit tons of great places to eat. Stuff to do: * Check out Robson Square for ice skating coming up in Dec. * Stanley Park ghost train * The Aquarium... ... on that note, do all that touristy shit you see tourists doing. Vancouver is a great place to just walk around in. Check out Commercial Drive, 4th Ave, Granville Street, China Town. Adventure on the Canada Line to Richmond and visit Hong Kong :P (Srsly tho, best Bubble Tea place is Pearl Castle.)
  11. :/You coulda just googled. http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/schools/bcmap.htm
  12. Vancouver isn't so bad if you live in Burnaby or New West or something.
  13. I mostly come here out of habit as well. Everyone from here that I care to hear from, I've got on FB. Except Evan and Jon, I believe.
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