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  1. Brand new. Never opened just been sitting in my collection. $250 each. Shoot an email to xxxmegadethxxx@gmail.com. Willing to ship internationally.
  2. Computer

    New Album 2017

    The second half of the album is the strongest in my opinion. It might simply be because I've already heard the singles a bunch of times on spotify for a while now... I think This is Night is the best song on the album. I'd have to agree with what mrtrufflepig wrote with the main complaints being how short the record is and the lack of lead guitar even if obviously that wasn't the direction that this record was headed in. Another gripe that I've had for a few albums now is how boring the drums are in almost every song. I realize that this is probably intended but there just seems like so m
  3. I was there as well. I think it was a decent set list, not my favourite by any means but I'm sure Matt had to play to a crowd that knows him mainly for his big radio hits. I think maybe 40 people in the venue had heard advertising on police cars before that night haha. Lots of drunk idiots posing for photo op's mid song and I saw one guy get dragged out by police during the encore I think? Still a lot of fun, but not as much as his solo shows for me.
  4. Would love to see Matt in Bala again. Unfortunately my wife's tinnitus might prevent that from happening, she say's she can't go to concerts anymore =(
  5. I'd strongly disagree about the differences between a $300 turntable vs a $70 one but to each their own. Whatever you go with, speakers are just as important for overall sound quality and you can get by with a cheaper receiver... If you've got any cash left I'd look into buying a cheap pre-amp for under $100 that will further improve your sound.
  6. I've always liked artists who play a show focused on a record with maybe a few other songs to fill time if need be. If you do decide to do the acoustic tour again I'd be willing to pay $100+, I think the acoustic massey hall event is my favourite show of all time. Cheers to 2016.
  7. I feel the same way and also bought BM/HM. I still have my avalanche vinyl as well!
  8. Computer


    I've got a signed copy of How to Destroy Angel's first record, but my rarest is probably avalanche.
  9. I felt the same way after seeing that show. Also as a drummer I think that cajon's should all be burned in a massive tire fire-esque blaze.
  10. Yeah I still haven't heard the new album because I'm waiting on that digital download in my vinyl that is apparently never coming...
  11. I'm still here now and then, more lurking than posting though.
  12. I would check out Cheapies record store off of king street right downtown.
  13. I've seen Matt several times, but I find it harder and harder to justify spending $132 after fees for two tickets. I realize that as an established musician who earns most of their revenue touring that this price needs to be what it is for travel, band, and other expenses... But after seeing Destroyer play the same venue with a 7-8 piece band for literally half the cost of admission I can't justify it this year. =(
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