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  1. ;) Hmm, alrighty then. Try this one here. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=PW1NJV1K
  2. I'm going to be submitting my cover of Whispering in the Dark down the line a bit after everything is tracked and whatnot, but I thought since everyone's sharing, I'd post this up just for s/g's. When I first heard Matt play "In it for the Money" I fell in love with it for a few different reasons. I was opening for a guy in Washington quite a while ago and we were messing with the sound and since I always thought that "Test, test" was annoying as hell for everyone else, I usually try and just play a full song during the adjustments. That was filmed by a friend and I extracted the audio. The quality isn't anything amazing per say, neither was I paying TONS of attention, so it's nothing great and you can hear me look away at one point, but nonetheless... http://www.snapdrive.net/files/486129/In%2...the%20Money.mp3
  3. So I was thinking back, and I remember Matt having a picture of the Hospital Music Album Cover on his website and it was actually a picture of a hospital room. I thought it was a pretty cool picture and was disappointed that he changed it. I'm used to the one now and don't have a problem with it at all, but I'm curious if anyone knows why he decided on the change and also if anyone has the old image, just for kicks. ;)
  4. I most definitely would be up for this. I used to open for some bands in Washington and play acoustic covers of Matt. I would love to be part of this ;)
  5. Friday March 7, 2008 @ 9:00 Crocodile Cafe Seattle, WA
  6. Well he has at least one fan from the states. I drove 800 miles from the US to see his Vancouver concert on the 21st.
  7. Yeah I didn't figure he'd come back out for a second encore and so a lot of people around me got up and left. The lobby was filled with people. Pisses me off I missed Fated.....
  8. She's in it for the Money oddly enough is in my top 5. Born Losers when I first heard it didn't stand out at all. In fact, knowing some of the others from his acoustic show, I was sort of pissed that he released Born Losers as his single, knowing others were far better. Over time though, I've come to actually like that more then almost any other songs on Hospital Music, except for She's in it for the Money.
  9. Yeah that is not a very good song in my opinion. Sounds very unsigned/garage band quality writing. I dunno. *shrugs*
  10. I think he's a little more creative then Avalanche 2 or anything with his name in it. I also would very highly bet that he wouldn't use something political. He's informed and uses his voice for opinion but he isn't a political "band". I think he would go for more of a simple title like his old joke "Beautiful Losers" or something that the general person wouldn't get as in the case of "White Light.." But something like "Politics According to Good" or "Iraqi Road Ice Cream" I truly think would be pretty damned stupid.
  11. I think Primetime Deliverance is amazing acoustic. The original song didn't seem to drive the emotion of it all home, but when I heard it on In A Coma I was blown away.
  12. Can't Get Shot in the Back was recorded a long time ago. I was listening to that around the time WLR&R was released...so I'm doubting that will be an actual album release.
  13. Gahh you rock. I've wanted these chords for like a week now. Thanks ;)
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