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  1. Weapon was likely one of the first songs written, as I still remember the chills I got hearing it for the first time at the Western Fair in 2002. I bought a MGB T-shirt at that show that advertised the "hard liquor & handguns revolution 2001" so I don't think there was any updated merch for that regrouping tour.
  2. Not to dredge up this topic, but I've been processing since the news came out and just need to join in the collective venting. I'm in a similar situation as you, Graham. Matt's music was a fundamental part of my teenage years and beyond. Each album release has somehow come along at the perfect point in my own life, giving me the perfect thing to relate to and reflect upon at the time. My father liked to say MG was "the soundtrack of your life." He passed away back in May. I've been to practically every show he's done in my town over the years - with my brother mostly, once with my dad, other times with friends. For the solo acoustic tour in 2006, my best friend and I missed out on tickets as cash-strapped pre-university students; we found tickets being scalped for a ridiculous markup on eBay, so my friend emailed him to highlight this to his management and dash the opportunistic jerk's schemes. Matt thanked us and, despite there being no request or insinuation to this effect, he had us put on the guest list for the show. We waited around to see if he would come out after the show but ultimately left without giving our thanks (and days later I heard about the hospitalization that would go on to inspire Hospital Music). I did eventually meet him at a VIP experience during the LOES tour and got to utter an awkward "thanks, you had such an impact etc" speech to him. Another beloved artist in my life has been in a much more cut-and-dry situation. They owned up to the allegation, and it's honestly still hard to listen to most of their band's music, especially older and more sophomoric songs, and when I do listen to it, there are new meanings that denigrate what these songs once meant. That same best friend was much more attached to this band, and it took them years to be able to stomach listening to them again. (Pausing here to add, none of this is to paint myself or other fans as any sort of victim, because that's absolutely not true. The victims here are the people who were harassed. The rest of us are just reckoning with our connection to an artist whose reputation has been tarnished. Any discomfort we have listening to the harassers' art pales in comparison to the pain caused by the actual crimes.) My gut, knee-jerk reaction here was that "it couldn't be Matt." After years of reading his various writings - his manifestos on politics and the nature of the world, and his work with Amnesty International, helped open my eyes and make me a better citizen - I thought he wasn't capable of the heinous acts he was accused of. And it still doesn't seem like the best version of himself... but he's not. At the end of the day he's a rock musician who came up in the 90s. I've seen his own longtime bandmate leaving a show with a woman under each arm. His own words are right there in the threads of accusations, and I can see how this is the worst parts of him coming out. (Had it only been the cringey pick-up talk about orgasms, I would have thought the simplest explanation was that his account was hacked, but unfortunately it's so much more.) When it comes to his exes, there is always some he-said-she-said element. There are undeniably some mental health issues at play (thanks to @daniel_v for that well-written post on that matter). But ultimately there were wrongs done that need atoning for. And I also don't want this to be the end of his career and legacy, as that "living ghost" tweet brought to mind. I had stopped listening to MG when the news broke, mainly because I currently rely on online streaming services these days instead of my carefully curated physical or MP3 collections. I had to break that stance and listen to comfort songs when my dad passed in May, but beyond that I'm only just starting to get back to a place where I can throw on his music for background noise. And that's what prompted this self-indulgent post.
  3. Most of Broken is awesome, but Folk Singer is one of my favourite songs by Matt ever.
  4. Has anyone been to the VIP meet-and-greet yet? I've got my tickets for tomorrow night, and I'm kinda wondering what to expect - the letter in the package mentions that he'll sign one item per person and you can take pictures, but that's all I know.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for some tabs and/or chords for Vancouver but the MGTab site hasn't been updated for some time, and I haven't been able to find them elsewhere. Has anyone else come across them? I'm particularly looking for Volcanoes and On Nights Like Tonight.
  6. Chiming in late on the London show, I gotta say - I've seen every show he's done in London since 2002 (excluding 2003), and performance-wise, this was the best full-band show I've seen. Very intense, very rocking perfomance. I would've liked to hear him banter some more and play a song or two sololy acoustic, yes, but it's his decision and I walked away satisfied nonetheless. "On Nights Like Tonight" was a great opener, and the transition into "Avalanche" was a perfect fit. Similarly, "Born Losers," "Us Remains Impossible", and "It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man" connect well thematically and musically. The set was very Vancouver-centric but many of the songs sound much better live - "Great Whales of the Sea" is a lot better live. About playing HTB and LMU... I miss the days when Matt digressed into an extended instrumental section following the solo in Time Bomb; I'm a little sick of it live, but I must say that it sounds a lot better now than it used to for some reason - playing it faster and/or rougher I suppose. Same goes for Load Me Up, though I still enjoy it. The thing that bothers me most is that it makes all the fairweather, single-obsessed fans in the crowd obvious. I'm sure it's discouraging to him that the best reactions he evokes are from those old singles. The cheers when "Born Losers" similarly make me cringe - those same fans just don't listen to the meaning of the words. Highlight of the show for me was "Volcanoes" - love it on the CD, loved it live. "ONLT/Avalanche" was awesome as well, I'd love to hear that again.
  7. Hell, I'd probably love to play any of his songs in Guitar Hero or Rock Band, I'm not too picky. It'd be cool to see his tracks in RB, so I could handily dominate the vocals.
  8. So, I'm a little late in asking this...but all the tracks of the bootleg ended up being clipped for me - they all ended about a minute early, cutting the songs short. What's the issue here?
  9. So, who's going? I know I will be - for the sixth time. I've seen him once a year since 2002, except for 2003, so I'm glad and excited to be carrying on the tradition. I have a question regarding cameras. Last year, when he played Centennial Hall again, the tickets said no cameras or recording devices of any kind. I know Matt doesn't care, since he posted those fan shots, but I still didn't risk using my camera. Did anyone have any problems with this last time? I've since gotten a DSLR and would really love to get some shots with this superior camera, but it's really obvious and I'm a little reserved about using it... See you there!
  10. I should have clarified this earlier - I see him sticking with music, one way or the other.
  11. No matter what style he goes with, I end up loving it all the same. And I can see him dropping the music thing after his contract's up, but then all he has is going into politics, and I don't think he'd be able to work with the jackasses in governments these days. It's all speculation anyway. ;)
  12. I read a recent article in the London Free Press where he said he had no idea what he was going to do with this record.
  13. I think this style - just him and his guitar - suits him perfectly. I'd love to see his next album be like this.
  14. Cman, you are the luckiest bastard walking the face of the earth.
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