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  1. Every wedding I went to last summer played a lot of oldies, which was good to get people on the floor, but they all for some reason chose to play the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost that Lovin' Feelin'" which probably not appropriate for a wedding, right? Don't play that song. Also, keep it upbeat. You shouldn't have to worry about any music for the dinner, people will just want to talk and visit. For the dance part, keep in mind that people are attracted to songs they recognize (Rebel, Rebel or any Stones song get my parents dancing far too easily) so try to be accessible.
  2. No, Axis is my fave also. I really love Castles in the Sand, but the whole record is stellar.
  3. I don't like BNL at all, however the set Steven Page did with the Art of Time Ensemble was fucking wicked.
  4. Definitely Day For Night. Most of their records have a hidden gem on them somewhere, but I can't say so for World Container. I loved In View...but that's it...maybe Family Band. I am however looking forward to the new record in April.
  5. It basically is, but everyone already knows he's crazy so there isn't anything shocking on it. I like a lot of the new songs on the dvd as well. Has anyone else listened to their new song 'FOL'? I kind of wish Billy would stop writing songs with titles like that (G.L.O.W., Mina Loy M.O.H.). You can download it for free from the Hyundai site because they used it in a Superbowl commercial, you just have to give Hyundai your email. I dig the song, though it's not as good as I wanted it to be.
  6. Oh Christy, I have Gish, Siamese Dream and Adore on vinyl. They are easy scores. Everything awesome is being reissued for more than it's worth but you can find good deals if you shop around.
  7. Hey here's a long shot: Does anyone have the Flashing Lights' "Elevature" EP from way back in 2000?
  8. Not really. This is Malkmus' fourth solo album and he keeps getting closer to embracing his own guitar godliness. It's more focused than a Pavement record could ever be, even Terror Twilight or Brighten the Corners.
  9. [hide_me]Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks - Real Emotional Trash (plus extras)[/hide_me]
  10. I'd like to get the Limblifter demo "Windmilling" without having to go through my old hard drive.
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