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  1. Anyone else mildly annoyed that the demo from yesterday was only up for a few hours? I understand why it was taken down, but it's still annoying after paying money to get access to that sort of thing.
  2. I'd be up for $25 a year for extra content. I don't care about comments or posting but I really enjoy seeing how songs evolve as Matt works on them.
  3. An instrumental song or two would be cool. I'm not sure I would dig an entire album, but that's just because Matt is one of the few rockers who can actually sing.
  4. I believe the first demoes for Vancouver were posted in 2007. So I think you're right that the next album is a ways away, but it's not unusual for Matt to demo well in advance of recording.
  5. Don't a lot of bands have "fan clubs" where you pay $xx and get whatever perks? Sounds like the same kind of thing to me.
  6. Last of the Ghetto Astronauts The Ocean Endsong Blue Bird Euphony Dancing Invisible Worthy Whispering in the Dark Those are the History Teacher songs on my iPod...because I didn't really care for the rest.
  7. 1. Empty's Theme Park 2. The Workers 3. Apparitions 4. Man of Action 5. Prime Time 6. Avalanche
  8. Empty Road Volcanoes Great Whales Black Helicopter (this one was tough) Going All The Way Sort of a Protest Song Anti-pop Single Explosion Rabbits
  9. Symbolistic White Walls The Fine Art of Falling Apart Jenni
  10. Boy Come Home is one of my favourites. Also I think The Rat Who Would Be King is an awesome example of Matt's vocal range.
  11. Last Parade Sort of a Protest Song While We Were Hunting Rabbits Going All the Way Volcanoes Empty Road Load Me Up Great Whales of the Sea A Silent Army in the Trees
  12. Ex-pats of the Blue Mountain Symphony Orchestra Suburbia Enjoy the Silence House of Smoke and Mirrors Symbolistic White Walls Pony Boy True Love Will Find You in the End The Fine Art of Falling Apart Near Fantastica
  13. Tripoli On Nights Like Tonight Failing the Rorschach Test Raygun Hopeless I am not safer than a bank Jenni
  14. Giant and Empty's Theme Park. Tough call though, especially on the last song.
  15. Do you punch a lot of males in the vagina with your penis?
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