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  1. Myself and Finboy84 did parts of... basically all of BM for the tenth anniversary of that album (and completed a few too!) but those are trapped on my years dead Macbook. And had no vocals lol
  2. Reading Harrow the Ninth, book 2 in the as yet incomplete Locked Tomb trilogy by Tamsyn Muir and oh my lord this book is just *chefs kiss*
  3. Last show was really fun! It was cool to have Dan Mangan (who is a big MG fan apparently!) hosting and asking questions and bantering with Matt, and they did a lot of cool interactive stuff with the audience, and the audio was really clear.
  4. Metal Airplanes Strange Days Radicals Alert Status Red Fine Art Born Losers Load Me Up Parts Rabbits Time Bomb Tripoli Appartions Selling You My Heart
  5. This one hurts. Beautiful Midnight and Audio of Being are 2 of my favourite and probably the two most important records of my life. They're a huge part of why I wanted to play music and Rich is a big reason about why I wanted to play bass. My life would be so much different without his influence in it.
  6. Network Effect by Martha Wells. I love Murderbot so much.
  7. Never finished FF7 remake what with the awful neighbours making it hard to do anything fun at my last place, so I'll have to come back to that one now that I've moved and I'm in a much better situation and can pay more attention to it. In the meantime, started playing The Last of Us so I can remember what happened so I can play the TLOU2.
  8. Nope, this is me being a dummy and making a typo in the topic, which is now fixed!
  9. Hosted by Dan Mangan and with a Q&A! Tickets are 20 bucks: https://sidedooraccess.com/shows/Jot1rfa1Y0s6lZbzfmV8
  10. I finished RE3 Remake once a couple weekends back! It was a nice update to one of my favourite games! I played the original I don't know how many times - it was one of the few games I owned on PS1 during high school so I was basically speedrunning it. I caved and got Final Fantasy 7 Remake and I'm really enjoying it. Combat is great, the characters are fun and I actually kind of understand what's going on! And the updated soundtrack is just phenomenal.
  11. I have not spent the weekend playing the Resident Evil 3 remake because I have been spending the weekend playing Golf Story for Switch. Golf Story is really good.
  12. I played the demo and enjoyed it! I don't really have any nostalgia for FF7 (I've played through it completely once about 10 years ago, which was probably my fourth or fifth attempt at it over the years) but I do like the universe and characters so I'm interested in seeing the new take on it, but I'm also willing to put it off a bit. Resident Evil 3 Remake on the other hand, I'm spending launch weekend playing the hell out of that.
  13. As of today I am not able to reply to forum posts using Chrome (latest version) on my desktop. Chrome on my phone works fine, Firefox works fine on my desktop. If I click the pink reply button or click the "reply to this topic here" box at the bottom of a thread, it just disappears and only shows the attachments box.
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