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  1. I finished RE3 Remake once a couple weekends back! It was a nice update to one of my favourite games! I played the original I don't know how many times - it was one of the few games I owned on PS1 during high school so I was basically speedrunning it. I caved and got Final Fantasy 7 Remake and I'm really enjoying it. Combat is great, the characters are fun and I actually kind of understand what's going on! And the updated soundtrack is just phenomenal.
  2. I have not spent the weekend playing the Resident Evil 3 remake because I have been spending the weekend playing Golf Story for Switch. Golf Story is really good.
  3. I played the demo and enjoyed it! I don't really have any nostalgia for FF7 (I've played through it completely once about 10 years ago, which was probably my fourth or fifth attempt at it over the years) but I do like the universe and characters so I'm interested in seeing the new take on it, but I'm also willing to put it off a bit. Resident Evil 3 Remake on the other hand, I'm spending launch weekend playing the hell out of that.
  4. As of today I am not able to reply to forum posts using Chrome (latest version) on my desktop. Chrome on my phone works fine, Firefox works fine on my desktop. If I click the pink reply button or click the "reply to this topic here" box at the bottom of a thread, it just disappears and only shows the attachments box.
  5. I am back into the Binding of Isaac. Considering getting a switch for Animal Crossing purposes.
  6. I just checked the liner notes and it's Pete Yorn on VNA.
  7. I listened to the LIMBLIFTER album I/O for the first time in a while today, and totally forgot Matt does some vocals on the song "Alarm Bells"!
  8. This song made it onto Ryan's solo album Irrational Anthems. It's a bit different from the demo and doesn't feature Matt's vocals, but Matt has a writing credit on it. Ryan has a writing credit on The Devil's In Your Details and played guitar on that song as well as Oh Be Joyful from what I remember. Here's the version from Ryan's album:
  9. I will be there as well! Looking forward to this one for sure! Their Pacific Milk show at the Biltmore was a lot of fun.
  10. Halifax set per setlist.fm: One of Them Years Something Like a Storm Born Losers Boobytrapped Beauty Dreading It (sidenote: would love to see this used as a set opener) Sicily Bullets in a Briefcase Load Me Up Hello Time Bomb Apparitions Parts Weapon Encore: Giant Lumière Noire Selling You My Heart
  11. Hey everyone! I made a Spotify playlist of my favourite songs of 2019 and figured I would share it with everyone. If anyone has done anything similar, I'd love a link or a list - I'm always on the lookout for new songs/bands to listen to. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/16qS7SLGQyUYfu2ZlMStGQ?si=VvpplyldTnitzm276Gn27A Here's the list of songs (including content warnings for two of them which have lyrics that may be triggering to some people): Man of Weakness by Your Smith No Drug Like Me by Carly Rae Jepsen Venice Bitch by Lana Del Rey Mirror Forever by Weyes Blood Value Inn by Laura Stevenson Cry by Louise Burns Friday Night Lights by Jody Glenham Sicily by Matthew Good Caleb Meyer by Kandle (CW: depiction of attempted rape, killing of rapist) Open Desert by Big Thief Róróró by Of Monsters and Men Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince by Taylor Swift Spiders by Slipknot Don't Believe The Things They Tell You (They Lie) by Tegan and Sara DNA by K.Flay Scorpion Hill by PUP (CW: suicide) Big Black Heart by Better Oblivion Community Center Drowning by B B (now known as Bratboy) Dead Wrong by the Regrettes What Chaos is Imaginary by Girlpool Daylight by Blackwater Holylight Contaminated by BANKS Get Stoned by Fionn Long Division by Mattiel Say Something by Trailerhawk White Flag by Clairo Young Enough by Charly Bliss Always Teenager by Winter Gravitron by Jenny Owen Youngs
  12. March 28 - Limblifter (Bellaclava 20th anniversary tour) April 3 - The Cybertronic Spree (they dress up like Transformers and cover a bunch of movie/videogame/TV show songs) April 10/11 - Matthew Good April 17 - Dan Mangan (Nice Nice, Very Nice 10th anniversary tour) May 2 - Margaret Glaspy
  13. Right now I am really enjoying this album, but the true test is going to be if I end up coming back to it later on. I listened to Something Like a Storm for a couple of solid weeks right after it came out and then didn't have any desire to listen to it after - similar things happened with Arrows and Chaotic Neutral but it took a bit longer for those two. My tastes have changed so much over the 20 years I've been listening to Matt that it was bound to happen that I wouldn't connect with some of his work, but I feel like Moving Walls is the right album at the right time for me and it's been a treat to listen to - so much so I think I am going to go to both Vancouver shows. There's a few tracks I tend to skip (Beauty, Your Rainy Sound, Fingernails), but the Lumière Noire-A Thousand Tons-The Heights sequence is my favourite 3 song sequence on an MG album since Mildred-Zero Orchestra-Non Populus and I'm going to be arguing with myself all year which of A Thousand Tons or The Heights is going to hit my Fave Songs of 2020 playlist at the end of the year, which I think is a good sign for the album's potential longevity in my life.
  14. I could write so many words about this album.
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