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  1. I could write so many words about this album.
  2. Weyes Blood was super good. Natalie Mering is a great songwriter and has an amazing voice. We can add Big Thief to my list of October shows. Considering going to see Pete Yorn.
  3. Finished Nier Automata and I don't even know what to say about that game except go play it. It's strange, it's touching, it's over the top, it bucks convention and it's just really really fun. Now onto Breath of the Wild.
  4. Add Clairo in October to my upcoming shows. Clairo is so good.
  5. Weyes Blood - August 14th Carly Rae Jepsen - August 29 K.Flay - Sept 9 In the last year or so I've seen: Laura Stevenson, Margaret Glaspy, Louise Burns, Trailerhawk, Now Now, Boygenius (Julien Baker/Phoebe Bridgers/Lucy Dacus, who also played their own sets during that show), Matt Good acoustic tour, Kina Grannis and some others that I probably can't remember.
  6. Playing Nier Automata for real this time. Got through like 6 hours when I tried last year and then got waylaid by other things.
  7. Seeing the dreampop band Winter on August 15th. I literally found out about this band like 2 hours ago. Can't argue with a ticket for $12.50 (including fees). July though September is looking alright for me.
  8. Trailerhawk tonight. A Place to Bury Strangers on Wednesday (probably/possibly) Kina Grannis in July. MG, Louise Burns and Margaret Glaspy in the span of like 7 days in September.
  9. Matt is apparently playing a free show in New Westminster as part of Recovery Day BC on September 8
  10. Far Cry 5 completed. I wish the story was as good as the ideas of the story that are present in the soundtrack. There's a huge disconnect that's very Far Cry and very jarring. I think they had a chance to tell a really cool and relevant story and chose the route of... well not doing that. Playing Nier: Automata now.
  11. I agree with the Loser Anthems thoughts - I rate those songs pretty highly. The tour that could have been...
  12. I feel so lucky I got them all on release day. They sound great. I'm especially impressed with Audio and I am hearing my favourite album in a whole new light. Some of the more subtle and ambient sounds (think the outro vocals in Advertising, the reverb on the guitars in the Fall of Man, some of the phaser on the guitar in Influence, the background "have me some gun" in chorus 3 of Protest Song) and the more powerful moments of the record (the final "if this is us in control of our selves", "love's not enough", "no pain, no gain, no pain") really really stand out and it just makes me really happy.
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