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  1. Great video...despite the fact I'd like to reach out and smack every last person talking in the background. Matt's singing Omissions Of The Omen, the only way to respond is sit down, shut up and bask in the greatness before you. It's not Apparitions or something we hear everytime.

  2. Setlist from Calgary Night 1:


    Lights of Endangered Species

    Last Parade

    Born Losers

    Set Me On Fire

    Shallows Low

    What If I Can't See The Stars Mildred

    Zero Orchestra

    Load Me Up

    Hello Time Bomb

    Non Polulus





    While We Were Hunting Rabbits (not written on the setlist. Looks like a last minute add on. I know this as I have the setlist)


    Alert Status Red

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  3. Wow. That piano version of Rabbits is amazing. I hope he plays that at one of the shows I've got tickets for.


    I'm shocked that there is a lack of Everything is Automatic. That's been a favorite for a long time and I haven't heard it live in a couple of years.

  4. I'm disappointed that I will probably never see Running for Home live. Ian Browne is even available to do back-up vocals.


    That song and Symbolistic White Walls are on my "To Die Happy" list. Over the last 10 years I've been able to knock off every other song (including Under The Influence), but those two have eluded me.


    That being said, seeing Advertising on Police Cars and Prime Time Deliverance on the list has made me very happy.

  5. None of that is happening? Really? So the contest with the setlist I just imagined. As I did with this?


    Matt is selling a product, called M+. That product includes:


    1) Regularly updated content about songwriting and recording.

    2) The ability to comment on posts. (Which is diminished now that there aren't any regular blog posts.)

    3) Occasional M+ meet and greets at shows. (This probably happened five times during the touring this year.)


    So I'm just imagining that this is an exclusive club where people that don't pay for content get the same extras? Okay, where should I have entered for the setlist without being a member? And where can I find the info for the meet and greets then? I mean if you don't have to be a member to get the benefits, where is the info for the rest of us posted? If what I just said about the club scenerio is wrong, please feel free to point me to where this information is posted for EVERYONE.



    You both seem to be missing the point. I don't give a flying eff what the content is. I have an issue with the fact that a guy who time and time again critizes others for having specific groups that get information and those who don't posts in a public forum stating "Here is info for one group and here is info for another".

  6. No sir, you are blind to what is obvious.


    Matt owes us nothing but when you publically speak on freedom of information and equality that people should get the same information and then run a website where those who pay you get "better" information, you don't find that incredibly hipocritical? Can you not see where that seems to be a little off based on what his very public and open beliefs are? I don't care if he wrote a blog saying he had eggs for breakfast, the fact that he will happily segregate posts and information between those who pay him and those who don't DOES NOT align with many of his posts where he critizes other groups to keeping information to people or providing it only to the elite. And the cost is also irrelevant. Most of his posts regarding the Bush Administration outlined actions much like this, but then he does it to his own fan base.



    M+ costs the equivalent of TWO CDS FOR A YEAR. One MG show costs more than a year of M+. That makes M+ers "elitists"?


    Elitism is the belief or attitude that some individuals, who supposedly form an elite

  7. While I respect his decision, something about posting only to those paying money to him rubs me wrong. He is outspoken against politicans and others who only cater to elite groups or provide information only to those who are better off and then proceeds to do something very similar to his own fans. He's made two posts today in his M+ blog which would be equal to what he would do on the free one during the day.


    I've been a fan of his for 15 years but I'm almost considering boycotting this next album and tour because I just cannot agree with his reasonings for having M+ and denying fans who cannot or do not pay for these extra's as well as discontinuing his blog but being willing to post stuff to people who pay him. If he speaks against something he should then support it in his own doings.

  8. I know he opened the Calgary show on November 1, 2005 with Man From Harold Wood/Rat Who Would Be King with a full band (only reason it sticks out is because he also played Suburbia, Prime Time Deliverance and Advertising on Police Cars and I was pretty sure I could die happy at that point). That's the only time I can recall him playing it in Alberta or at least the shows I've been to.


    Actually, I think that sticks out as the best concert of his I have been to. Well that or Stampede 2003 where he played Under the Influence and Generation X-Wing and crowd surfed.

  9. Is a setlist for that show available? I'd love to see what else he had played for this "eclectic" show...


    This is the setlist I have from the Medicine Hat show following the X929 show at Wild Bill's.


    A Single Explosion



    99% of Us is Failure

    I'm a Window

    It's Been a While Since I was your Man

    Blue Skies Over Bad Lands


    Born Losers

    Black Helicopter


    True Love Will Find You In the End



    Hello Time Bomb

    Load Me Up

    Champions of Nothing

  10. Yeah, for stuff like that, I'd easily pay $100 or more. Advertising on Police Cars with a full band would probably blow me away as well...


    Advertising on Police Cars live with a full band is mindblowing. Had the priviledge to hear it a couple of years ago. Just amazing.


    And I have also heard Near Fantastica live. Sadly, I didn't appreciate the song as much at the time and only years later realized how great it was.


    I think there is only one song I'm really wanting to hear live and never have: Prime Time Deliverence.

  11. I keep hearing about these scarves...what's so special about them?


    It looks alot like a soccer scarf. Its Black and White or Blue and White Stripes with the Vancouver Bird on it.


    It was spiffy looking but just too much for my liking.


    The posters do have text and list off all of the Tour Dates on it.


    Oh and Hoodies are $60. Its a Black Hoodie with a very faded Vancouver emblem on the back.

  12. I don't think anyone will as Security started cracking down on anyone looking like they were recording around The Boy Who Could Explode. A few of us up front got warned pretty sternly and they just hovered after that.


    I did manage to get Matt's first rant and Avalanche recorded on my camera. I would have liked to get his whole ripping on Ozzy speech when the bassist went to the bathroom.

  13. Don't really think this is under-rated at all... most fans think of it as one of his greatest pieces of work. At least around here.



    Here, yes it does get some love. To most Matt fans outside of here, they have no clue about it. I've met some "big time" Matt fans who skip past this track and never give it a second thought.

  14. Hi,


    I'm looking for any Matthew Good Band (not solo stuff) posters. Specifically the Beautiful Midnight Tour one and the poster of the Band and Matt in the Monkey Head where there are about 50 mini photo's that make up one large poster. If anyone is selling any posters, please let me know how much you would like for them.


    I know about Maple Music's posters but the Avalanche and 2008 Tour Posters are sold out.



  15. I'd also like to put my hat in the ring for a copy of the show.


    Not just for the fact he played "Fine Art of Falling Apart" and I almost fell out of my chair, but his comments about the Canucks jerseys and the way the NHL is going were worth the price of admission itself.

  16. I wasn't referring to UnderArmour specifically, but that would be the type of material I was trying to describe.


    I was trying to describe something like this:



    Where its nylon and spandex as the outer part which was waterproof and polyester on the inner part. Very thin makeup.

  17. It was $65 and made out of weird material. Not soft or anything.

    Was it maybe that spandex like waterproof material? I can't remember what its called but its mean to wick water off of you and feels like rubber.


    Did anyone happen to get a look at the sizes? Any chance they would have something in 3X for my hubby?

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