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  1. For Fine Art, I think that the imagery of the girl as a bee is much more powerful. By putting the focus on the girl (rather dividing the attention by putting "dazzled me") the listener has more imagery of the bee in the next few lines. As with most of Matt's songs, being too literal (stinging cars) could take an edge off of the abstracted messages that are conveyed, and won't let the listener use their own imagination as much. Just my take on the song, because this is one of my favourites.
  2. Ya man, Toronto is at its best during the World Cup. There are so many ppl from different cultures here, and surprisingly a lot like their football(even though hockey rules supreme).
  3. I think you have too much confidence in Germany's chances, Jason. While it's true that the host nation tends to do well on home turf, this is Germany's weakest side in 20 years. I'd be really surprised if they make it to the semi-finals, let alone making an appearance in the final. Time will tell, should be a good one!
  4. Ya, the rankings don't mean a damn thing. USA isn't even in the top 20 as far as I'm concerned. But FIFA says they're planning to fix the ranking system so it better represents the countries' true rank in the world.+ Edit: Btw, thanks for the NF$ ecnarf. Hup Holland Hup!
  5. Here's my predictions one_trick, since I'm stoked about the World Cup, and to show the genius or fool that I am. Hope you do well! (my rep's counting on you ;)) Group A 1 Germany 2 Tie 3 Germany 4 Ecuador 5 Germany 6 Poland Group B 1 England 2 Sweden 3 England 4 Sweden 5 Paraguay 6 Tie Group C 1 Tie 2 Holland 3 Tie 4 Holland 5 Tie 6 Ivory Coast Group D 1 Mexico 2 Portugal 3 Mexico 4 Portugal 5 Portugal 6 Angola Group E 1 Czech 2 Italy 3 Tie 4 Czech 5 Tie 6 USA Group F 1 Japan 2 Brazil 3 Tie 4 Brazil 5 Brazil 6 Tie Group G 1 South Korea 2 France 3 France 4 Switzerland 5 Tie 6 France Group H 1 Tie 2 Tunisia 3 Ukraine 4 Spain 5 Tie 6 Spain 2nd Rd 1 Germany over Sweden 2 Holland over Mexico 3 England over Ecuador 4 Portugal over Ivory Coast 5 Czech Rep. over Japan 6 France over Ukraine 7 Brazil over Italy 8 Spain over Switzerland quarter finals a Holland over Germany b Czech Rep. over France c England over Portugal d Brazil over Spain Semis 1 Holland over Czech Rep. 2 Brazil over England third place England over Czech Rep. Final Holland over Brazil
  6. After watching the movie, it made me realize that the story in both book and movie aren't really that good. I think that the context where the story is situated in (the conspiracy of Christianity) is what gives Dan Brown all his bacon. Since he declares that all his statements are true at the beginning of the book, people eat up the conspiracy. The probability of it being true are very slim, but who doesn't love a conspiracy now and then? I can't believe I paid money to see the movie.
  7. So we all know Matt Good's cheering on England's hopes for a second World Cup. Anyone have any predictions? I've got Holland and Brazil in the final, and I'm feeling that Holland will play upset. England will be in third place, over the Czech Republic.
  8. Tripoli is an excellent song to play for the acoustic. I also like Generation X-wing. Simple, yet haunting. Matt's rendition of "Hurt" on his acoustic tour is also very cool.
  9. Meh, if you didn't go to the Toronto show, then you don't know if it was a girl's shirt. It looks pretty unisex to me.
  10. Did you go to the Toronto concert? For sure they had the men's in red, unless I was so drunk that I couldn't tell. But it's not a tank top. So I guess maybe they had more colours as the tour went along?
  11. The writing on the compass is not legible. Still a pretty sweet T-shirt though. I've got the men's red one. The poster is ok in my opinion, but I didn't buy it since they asked $15 for it.
  12. I want to be right up front at the MOD club in Toronto when Matt comes to town. How early do you mean so I can get right up front? 2 hours before doors open, 3, 4?
  13. I'm interested if anyone knows the equipment brands (on his guitars, strings, etc.) that he used while recording the acoustic songs in "In a Coma." I've been trying to get his sound out of my guitar, but I never can seem to get it right! Any equipment info from his current tour is welcome too. Thanks!
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