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    Austin, TX
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    matthew good, camping, new age, music, blades, incense, art, mornings, books, storms, organized chaos, being outdoors, trees, cigarettes, rusted nails, peach, frantically manufacturing an alibi, laughing, thought provoking concepts, being an angst whore, knee-boarding, spanish, antiques, old war posters, oriental fans, coffee/cafes, chai, barefeet, design, welsh folklore, mythology, bohemianism, philosophy, post-modernism, friends/relationships, lonely roads, softball, browsing outdoor markets, oatmeal, dreaming of countries, walking around aimlessly, words, cynicism, random benches, architechture, sugar gliders, cars/mechanics, vampyres, cultures, traveling, exploring, spontaneous road trips, jazz, video games, star gazing from the trunk of my car, train tracks, rocks, climbing trees, trespassing, opening the windows for a nice breeze, agriculture, sunflower seeds, pixie lilies, hostas, elfin thyme and lambs ears, cyanide and happiness, twizzlers, holding hands, playing in cemetaries
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    "it's times like this when you just close your eyes and kiss cause everything after this is just bullshit and being cruel" -mg
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    fearless, the fine art..., song for the girl, etc..
  1. myspace movie don't know if it's been posted yet... but, it's funny. WANNA SEE THE ANGRY BEAVER?!
  2. after these recent pm's with you... those offers could indeed be quite interesting. haha
  3. you don't seem too afraid.... ??? ...and you're playing on the internet... so strange to me.. what's your family doing?
  4. how close to all of these catastrophies are you?
  5. 2 beautiful midnights (american version and canadian) avalanche underdogs audio of being raygun wlrrr last of the ghetto astronauts in a coma loser anthems 15 hours on a september thursday
  6. haha... no... not at all... i'm a dorky north american... south carolina to be exact ;)
  7. i think it fits you. all you need now is a, "don't let the car fool you, my REAL treasure is in heaven" bumper sticker. lmao.
  8. ya... new NF PIMP MOBILE! what'dya think?
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