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  1. The interesting part to me is that I have to supply those two songs to the DJ. They are legally only allowed to use what their licensing agrees they can use. I have to sign a waiver saying I have not illegally acquired the music and that I actually paid for the song. They have about five songs. They have the rights to use Apparitions, Strange Days, Alert Status Red, Symbolistic White Walls, Hello Time Bomb, and It's Been A While Since I Was Your Man. None of these really strike me as ideal songs to play at a wedding....
  2. I'm getting married in May. We're using Song For The Girl as our first dance. We've also decided for our entrance song into the reception to use the beginning of Near Fantastica. Clearly we're going to make sure our entrance is complete before he starts singing "The pink pills are for your sanity". Matt Good is the one artist we can both agree on endlessly. Sort of a bond of ours.
  3. That's the song that made me cry. It was beautiful. It has other meanings for me hence the tears, but beautiful nonetheless. Hope he plays it in Hamilton. I have a connection to get backstage at Hamilton....sure hope she can follow through for me!!
  4. my friends have a website all about indie and up-and-coming bands. i'm an editor for them and seeing as they don't pay me, the only thing i requested was that they let me review hospital music when it came out. they held true to their word. check it out at www.ktsch.com.
  5. thanks!! that's exactly what i was looking for. everytime i tried the search thing on the site, it never came up with this one.
  6. I remember Matt writing a blog listing all of the songs that he said there was a chance of him playing on the tour. It was a while back. But I can't, for the life of me, find that blog. I'm wondering if it was written before the big re-vamp of the blog therefore it won't be in the archives. Can anyone help me out with this?? Thanks ;)
  7. i'm currently sitting at work listening to avalanche on my ipod. i love hospital music, it's definitely up there on my favourites list, but overall i prefer avalanche.
  8. they're on my home computer and i'm at work right now. i'll put them up later on. i do have the one of him and i though. let me know if it doesn't work.
  9. edge is a street-level studio. so you line up outside and they let you in when he gets there. there was probably about 50 people there. he didn't perform or anything. just did an interview. but i got his autograph and a picture with him. so i'm a happy kid! showed him my tattoo as well (see the avatar). he thought it was pretty cool.
  10. i met him today at the edge in toronto. that was my first time meeting him, and damn did that make my day!!
  11. he's going to be at 102.1 the edge in toronto on tuesday at 4pm. it's a street-level studio so i'm gonna head down there. shitty part is, all my friends who would actually go with me are busy. so i get to hang out by myself haha. anyone wanna be my friend for an afternoon? lol.
  12. i heard it on my way home from work on edge. it made me so happy!! i started texting people haha. oh how i love belting out songs with all my windows down while stuck in traffic.
  13. carolann. close though.
  14. yeah i have both. soviet kitsch is my fave right now though.
  15. i've been busy with exams. those are done as of next monday, so after that i will try and check out more of the bands suggested. it will be lovely to have time to do things like that again! right now i am 100% in looooooove with regina spektor. haven't stopped listening to her in the past week. i suggest her new album, 'begin to hope' or 'soviet kitsch'. excellent, excellent singer/pianist.
  16. they're talking to me. i put up the songs for people to download, but took them down. against the rules i suppose. ah well. i shall listen to them myself then.
  17. want me to take it down then?
  18. who's about to get told? i'm confused.
  19. i'm loving this song. it's catchy, but not in a lame nickelback sort of way. i'm wondering if anything on the album will be radio-friendly. sure, we can become a street team, but will the stations really play any of the new stuff? so far most of it seems to be a bit too mellow for the radio stations that typically play mg/b. and also a tad too far on the political and/or emotional side. i'm digging the new music, don't get me wrong. but will matt make new fans from this album?
  20. sounds good. there's a few stations around here who do play mgb stuff. i'd be glad to harass them to play more haha.
  21. I'm really trying to get my hands on two Damien Rice tickets for his Toronto show on May 18th. If you or anyone you know has any, please let me know. I don't think it's fair to jack the price, so I'm willing to pay face value (plus all the stupid fees ticketmaster charges) and shipping costs. Help me pleeeeeease!!! Anyone!! lol. I reeeeally want to go. Thanks ;)
  22. my new favourite movie. in *love* with it.
  23. well if that isn't convincing, i don't know what is lol.
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