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  1. I was 6th row for weds show and as a hardcore mg fan who’s been going to see him since 93’ that’s prolly the only time that he’s actually bored me to death.....and he absolutely not in a good way killed my most fave mg song EVER:( he’s much better with a band! His light set up did kick ass though.
  2. it was ok for a comedy the first and last jack black movie i ever intend to see. The out-takes from the dvd should be good! ;)
  3. it was awesome considering i snored through the first one ;)
  4. its a tie between bohemian rhapsody and i'm in love with my car by Queen ;)
  5. I really hope ortiz gives shamrock and nice ass kicking ;)
  6. not much of a speilberg fan but my dad did make me watch saving private ryan about a million times already so ;)
  7. Monsters Inc. should be up there ;)
  8. it wasn't great more like ok ;)
  9. can't wait this 1 looks good!
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