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  1. and is also 100% irrelevant now. CD sold for $276 today on the eBay.
  2. lol. Geoff, it's only 3 songs: fated (my personal favorite MGB tune), enjoy the silence and an early take on born to kill. I'm beginning to think that no one from the original band has this, as I believe even Matt once said he doesn't have a copy.
  3. well it's at $200, and the number of watcher's keeps on going up, so I suspect that it will get higher at the very end. Also. . . Hi Owen!
  4. thanks for the clarification on that. i have the vinyl as well, and i'm always sort of getting them confused.
  5. i mostly just hope that it will go to a good home, with an owner who will appreciate it, and like, display it under glass or something, lol.
  6. Every time I've seen it go up on eBay it's been between $200-$300, which is ultimately the only reason I'm parting with it at all, because I desperately need the money. Since no one really replied, I did put up a week long auction on eBay to see what the response would be there. I know it's a high price, but I don't think I've ever seen it go for less than $200. The eBay auction is here: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt....cSELL.m315.lVI If it doesn't sell there, I'll definitely consider selling it cheaper, but I guess I'd like to see if I can get top dollar for it. I know that makes me a terrible person, lol, but I need the money pretty badly.
  7. You guys are thinking of Loser Anthems. This is lo-fi b-sides, the limited 1000 print release that went out with Underdogs.
  8. Hey all, I'd rather give you guys first dibs on this stuff, knowing that you'll likely appreciate it a lot more than the eBay crowd. I have a copy of lo-fi b-sides I'm willing (begrudgingly) to part with. It's been opened but never played. If you're interested (SERIOUS interest only please) e-mail me at ashley@ashleymaclennan.com Seeing as only 1000 were made, it's not going to go cheap, so let me know what you're willing to buy it for. I'll be taking offers for the week, and if I don't get any serious ones I'm putting it on eBay. Thanks for your interest guys.
  9. i have no problem admitting that the only reason i use azureus is because i think the little tree frog icon is cute. it's a monster drain on memory, absolutely.
  10. 6/10, mostly because Bowie as the Goblin King is cause for much giggling.
  11. 1. Home phone 2. Cell phone 3. Work phone @ 1 job
  12. ahhhh, the return of the "taco bell shoe"
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